Principles of Ethics (Writings of Blessed Antonio Rosmini #15) (Paperback)

Principles of Ethics (Writings of Blessed Antonio Rosmini #15) Cover Image

Principles of Ethics (Writings of Blessed Antonio Rosmini #15) (Paperback)


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Principles of Ethics, Rosmini's first great work in the field of moral philosophy, looks to the light of reason as the objective basis of moral action. The subjective foundation of such action is the act of will by which we accept what the light of reason places before us. "Acknowledge what you know for what you know it to be" thus becomes the ultimate, self-evident expression of moral obligation. To acknowledge willingly what in fact we know is the essence of morality.
Rosmini's moral theory depends upon a thorough examination of the objective nature of knowledge (already carried out in his New Essay), and on a careful analysis of human volition and freedom. Within the system of truth both the simple, straightforward beauty of moral good in the human person and the duplicity of evil become immediately obvious. It is also clear that willing acceptance of moral imperatives does not diminish, but enhances innate human dignity. Moral law, rational law and natural law indicate a single, inviolable source of obligation present to human nature under different aspects.

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Publication Date: May 16th, 2017
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Series: Writings of Blessed Antonio Rosmini