The Spin Doctor: Hero or Cold-Blooded Killer? (Hardcover)

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When Kurt Sonnenfeld calls police to report his young, beautiful wife is dying with a bullet in her head, he alleges she shot herself. Police think otherwise. Prosecutors claim that hidden behind the façade of the charming videographer were personal issues that eroded his relationship with his advertising executive wife, Nancy, who filed separation papers. He is arrested for murder but soon is released. However, a rising star in the Denver prosecutor’s office is convinced he is guilty and a warrant has again been issued for his arrest. But Sonnenfeld has already left the country.

Although still a murder suspect, Sonnenfeld has become one of the most visible public figures in his new home in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as he fights extradition. Sonnenfeld, a former FEMA employee, claims his footage of Ground Zero in the week after 9/11 proves that top United States government officials were aware of the 2001 terrorist attacks before they occurred and that he is a victim of a U.S. plot to silence him.

The Spin Doctor tells the fascinating story of a man indicted for murder who has convinced people of influence that he is not a cold-hearted killer, but instead a brave hero.

About the Author

Kirk Mitchell is a feature crime reporter at "The Denver Post" whose work has led to the captures and convictions of child molesters and killers in the United States and Mexico. He has been a daily newspaper reporter for more than twenty-five years, covering such diverse beats as local politics, health, education and crime. He has won more than sixty Colorado, Western United States and national awards including the American Legion's national 1997 Fourth Estate Award that honors the nation's most impactful story by radio, TV and print media. He resides in Denver, CO.
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ISBN: 9780882823942
ISBN-10: 0882823949
Publisher: New Horizon Press
Publication Date: December 4th, 2012
Pages: 305
Language: English