The Undoing of Thistle Tate (Hardcover)

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Staff Reviews

The Undoing of Thistle Tate follows Thistle, the seventeen-year-old girl who wrote the internationally-acclaimed Lemonade Skies series. She's famous, with an enormous fandom surrounding her books. Except here's the thing: she didn't actually write them. The only people who know are her dad and her best friend, Liam, who lives next door. She navigates romance and fame as she starts dating Liam, and meets two superfans (Oliver and Emma) of Lemonade Skies who think she's actually the real deal. Thistle deals with the guilt of the lie, her mother's death, and hope for the future as she navigates the way to the deadline for the third and final Lemonade Skies book.

This book was incredible. The characters came to life in front of my eyes, and even though the premise didn't promise a lot of suspense, I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole book. The writing shined on the sentence-by-sentence level, and I may have finished it in one day. In terms of plotting, pacing, and character, this book could not have been better.

The romance felt realistic, much more natural than most books in this genre do. There was a brief love triangle, but overall it was more Thistle having two romantic interests than a bad cliche. Her decision to end up with one over the other was understandable, as were the actions of both boys.

One of the most heartwarming/heartbreaking parts of the story was learning about Thistle's mom and Emma, the superfan of Lemonade Skies who was frequently in and out of the hospital due to her chronic lung condition. This book handled death and pain with such care, and it led to some deeply emotional moments. I almost cried during Chemistry class over this book. It lures you in with the cute boy next door and the mystery of who wrote the book, and then it stabs you in the back with emotions. I highly recommend it.

In short: This book is amazing. You will fall in love with Thistle, and then journey along with her on her rollercoaster of a life. The twists and turns might have you gasping out loud, and your heart will break right along with Thistle's.

— Maggie S., Tattered Cover Teen Advisory Board member

17-year-old Thistle Tate’s life revolves around her bestselling young adult series. She has fans around the globe, and they’re eagerly awaiting the last book in the trilogy. She’s even starting to become more than just friends with the boy next door. But there’s one problem: she’s not the real author. I loved this book! The premise was very gripping, and I could hardly wait to see how it would end. The characters were well-developed and felt real, especially Thistle. I highly recommend this book!

— Zoe P., Tattered Cover Teen Advisory Board member


Thistle Tate is only seventeen, and a bestselling author. It's too bad she's also a liar.

It seems like Thistle has everything. Her Lemonade Skies series is wildly popular, with droves of diehard fans waiting for the next--and final--book. She's even started dating her best friend, Liam, the one person who knows everything about her.

Including Thistle's deepest secret: she's not really the author of the books.

But as she gets to know one of her super-fans--and her handsome, charming brother Oliver--Thistle's guilt starts to weigh on her. How can she build friendships when her life is built on lies?

All Thistle wants is for the last book to be written, so she can leave this ruse behind her for good. But as the book's deadline looms, a dramatic turn of events puts everything in jeopardy--Lemonade Skies, Thistle's relationships, and even her own identity. Is she a victim, a fraudster, or both?

Lies, jealousy, secrets. . . It's only a matter of time before something gives--and Thistle's world comes undone.

For fans of Rainbow Rowell and E. Lockhart, this suspenseful novel is a perfect read for teen bookworms everywhere. With an insider's look at the publishing world and a thrilling love triangle, The Undoing of Thistle Tate will keep you turning pages until the very end.

About the Author

Katelyn Detweiler has written two novels, Transcendent and Immaculate, and is a literary agent. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Praise For…

"Book lovers will eat up the unique insider view of the publishing world, from the agents and editors to the fans and bloggers, all groups Detweiler manages to work into her story. . . . Readers will eagerly follow Thistle's journey of self-discovery and acceptance."—School Library Connection

"This book is perfect for readers struggling with questions of how far to go to protect those you love. Detweiler, a literary agent and author, knows both sides of publishing, and it shows, giving this novel an extra oomph of realism. Thistle is affable and easy to commiserate with, and, despite her increasingly complicated situation, her plight is lovingly and respectfully written." —Booklist

"[A]n intriguing tale about honesty and family . . . the emotional journey is satisfying."—Kirkus Reviews

"Tense and gripping, The Undoing of Thistle Tate explores how secrets and lies can define a life—and how the power of real human connection is the only way to fight back."—Leila Sales, author of This Song Will Save Your Life

"Fandom-savvy readers may enjoy Thistle's insights into the book business and the drama of her complicated life." —School Library Journal

Product Details
ISBN: 9780823442393
ISBN-10: 082344239X
Publisher: Margaret Ferguson Books
Publication Date: July 23rd, 2019
Pages: 272