World War II Desk Reference (Hardcover)

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By Michael E. Haskew (Editor)
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Written under the direction of two distinguished historians, "The World War II Desk Reference" explains in clear prose, backed by rosters of statistics, time lines, and maps, the global cataclysm that was World War II. But this volume is not a typical almanac. With material ranging from battlefronts to important military commanders to armaments, among the backdrop of all the necessary political, social, and economic factors, Douglas Brinkley and Michael E. Haskew's reference will prove invaluable to readers. Photographs, lists, time lines, tables, glossaries, and maps encapsulate many pieces of complicated information, making The World War II Desk Reference immensely browsable. The book also includes a helpful resource on national World War II monuments, organizations, and museums.
The book contains oral histories culled from several sources, including the Eisenhower Center for American Studies at the University of New Orleans, which holds the world's largest repository of valuable letters, journals, and other war-related records. Excerpted from those who fought on both sides, these accounts add a deeply touching, profoundly personal dimension seldom found in other books on World War II. For Word War II enthusiasts, history buffs, and anyone interested in our nation's history, this is the one book to own.

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ISBN: 9780785824275
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Publisher: Castle Books
Publication Date: May 15th, 2008
Pages: 572
Language: English