Finally Thin!: How I Lost Over 200 Pounds and Kept Them Off--And How You Can Too (Paperback)

Finally Thin!: How I Lost Over 200 Pounds and Kept Them Off--And How You Can Too Cover Image
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The ultimate companion to any diet--featuring ten steps that will give you the information and motivation to achieve your own success on any weight-loss plan.

Kim Bensen knows about weight loss. And weight gain. For decades, she tried every diet there was, but nothing seemed to work - for long anyway - and she yo-yoed her way to 350 pounds. But she never gave up and in 2001, despite years of heartbreak and discouragement, Kim tried again. This time was different and the results were phenomenal: 212 pounds lost forever, fourteen dress sizes, four ring sizes, one and a half shoe sizes, and 200 points of cholesterol gone for good In the end, Kim not only changed her health and size, but also her career. The clamor of "How did you do it?" by desperately struggling individuals as well as the national media motivated her to sit down and pen into words what she had put into action.

In Finally Thin , Kim Bensen recounts her own success story and then breaks down her success into a ten-step system, showing readers exactly how she accomplished her weight-loss goal. From choosing the right diet for your needs to setting realistic goals, finding support, eating out, recovering from a slipup, the keys to maintenance, and even 75 recipes, this book covers it all in an upbeat, inspirational, and approachable tone. A must-have for anyone trying to lose weight, Finally Thin will help dieters break free of the yo-yo cycle and achieve their ultimate goal--once and for all.

About the Author

KIM BENSEN lives in Shelton, Connecticut, with her husband and four children.

Praise For…

“Kim’s inspiration, encouragement, well-thought-out ideas, and leadership by example, helped me lose 86½ pounds in one year and throw out my blood pressure, diabetes, and anxiety medications. I haven’t felt better in three decades. I’m a trial attorney and the verdict is in on Kim: I love, like, and respect this lady and will forever owe her a huge debt of gratitude.”~Jack Golden, age 63, lost 86½ pounds

“Kim is a coach, a teacher, a counselor, and a friend to thousands of people struggling with their weight. She was the motivation and encouragement I needed as I worked hard to change my life. Thanks, Kim!”~ Jason Coles, age 35, lost 106 pounds

“Kim has been the best thing that happened to me as far as guidance, inspiration, and help with my weight-loss journey. I reached my goal of losing 100 pounds with Kim’s help … I have now kept the weight off for more than two years."~ Donna Toth, age 63, lost 100 pounds

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ISBN: 9780767929516
ISBN-10: 0767929519
Publisher: Harmony
Publication Date: December 28th, 2010
Pages: 300
Language: English