The Three-Minute Philosopher: Inspiration for Modern Life (Hardcover)

The Three-Minute Philosopher: Inspiration for Modern Life By Fabrice Midal Cover Image

The Three-Minute Philosopher: Inspiration for Modern Life (Hardcover)


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French philosophy and meditation expert Fabrice Midal's The Three-Minute Philosopher includes forty brief essays for tapping into a deeper understanding of your existence, with experiences that will transform, enlighten, and invite you to see the world in a new way. 

Philosophy takes us by surprise. It challenges us, awakens us, and opens our minds. It does not tell us to be "wise" or to be a perfect being, but instead to nurture our own humanity. Philosophical thinking is the antithesis of the rampant dogmatism that dominates so much public discussion, of the vehemently expressed opinions of those who think they know everything and who insist you agree with them. Self-proclaimed experts tell us to listen to and obey their injunctions, but philosophers encourage us to think for ourselves. After all, philosophy addresses what makes us human and helps us navigate everyday life, from dealing with that annoying colleague at work, to the panic of realizing that your fridge is empty when guests arrive out of the blue.

Fabrice Midal teaches the power of trusting in our own thoughts and strengthening our connection to humanity, as he guides us through the inspirational ideas of forty writers, artists, thinkers, and seers from Baudelaire to Nietzsche, Emily Dickinson to Toni Morrison, Pablo Picasso to James Baldwin, and of course, Socrates to Aristotle. Simple, smart, and approachable, Midal's three-minute essays ask us to step back, reflect, and meditate, and encourage us to think about the world a little differently.

Fabrice Midal has a PhD in philosophy from the University of Paris. The founder of The Western School of Meditation and author of several bestsellers, including The French Art of Not Giving a Sh*t, he is one of France's leading teachers of dharma and meditation and travels around the world to give conferences.

Product Details ISBN: 9780762474240
ISBN-10: 0762474246
Publisher: Running Press Adult
Publication Date: May 4th, 2021
Pages: 192
Language: English
"A fantastic remedy for everyday life and for the gloomy spirits that cross our paths."—Elle

"The father of "feel good philosophy" and mediation is a success once again . . . An invitation to decipher 40 inspiring quotations from intellectuals, writers, painters, and poets to encourage readers to think differently."—L'Express

"A gripping and liberating book. Through the words of great minds such as Plato, Camus, or Kant, it invites us to rethink the common ideas that define us in order to reconnect with our humanity."—Feminin Bio