Field Guide to the Common Weeds of Kansas (Paperback)

Field Guide to the Common Weeds of Kansas By T. M. Barkley Cover Image

Field Guide to the Common Weeds of Kansas (Paperback)

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This handbook illustrates and describes the 200 kinds of common weeds found in Kansas along roadsides and in yards, gardens, and cultivated fields. Designed as a reference for the general reader with no special training in botany, it will be of value to farmers, ranchers, gardeners, or anyone who must control weeds.

A detailed line drawing of the plant and a distribution map is provided for each species. The description lists its common and scientific names and includes information on the plant's typical size, stem, leaves, flowers, particular arrangement of flowers, and habitat. Useful commentary about the weed--such as whether it is poisonous to livestock--is also given. The book includes a glossary of botanical terms and an index of plant names.

A handy system of "finding lists" enable the user, working with only three or fewer structural features of a plant, to arrive at easy, on-the-spot identification of an unknown weed.
Product Details ISBN: 9780700602247
ISBN-10: 0700602240
Publisher: University Press of Kansas
Publication Date: June 15th, 1983
Pages: 176
Language: English