Seven Daughters and Seven Sons (Paperback)

Seven Daughters and Seven Sons By Barbara Cohen, Bahija Lovejoy Cover Image

Seven Daughters and Seven Sons (Paperback)


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In an ancient Arab nation, one woman dares to be different.Buran cannot -- Buran will not-sit quietly at home and wait to be married to the man her father chooses. Determined to use her skills and earn a fortune, she instead disguises herself as a boy and travels by camel caravan to a distant city. There, she maintains her masculine disguise and establishes a successful business. The city's crown prince comes often to her shop, and soon Buran finds herself falling in love. But if she reveals to Mahmud that she is a woman, she will lose everything she has worked for.

Barbara Cohen (1932-1992) was the author of several acclaimed picture books and novels for young readers, including The Carp in the Bathtub, Yussel's Prayer: A Yom Kippur Story, Thank You, Jackie Robinson, and King of the Seventh Grade.

Product Details ISBN: 9780688135638
ISBN-10: 0688135633
Publisher: HarperTeen
Publication Date: October 19th, 1994
Pages: 224
Language: English