Denham Hall (Paperback)

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Denham Hall (Paperback)


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Bridgette Campbell 'CLAIMS' to live in Argyll Castle, and that her mother and father are the Viscount and Countess of Argyll. Well to be frank I do not know if there is an Argyll Castle.

More to the point I suspect both she and Tamsin conspired to fabricate these stories purely to elucidate money from our unsuspecting young readers. Ok, she might attend Denham Hall boarding college but that is about it. She lives in a dream world.

How does she expect our gentle readers to believe the revolting story that Phaedra Gascoigne put a diseased hedgehog in Naomi's bed or of Tamsin kept wild mice disguised as pet mice in her dorm locker, or Daisy Dibbs from the kitchen being impregnated by an owl?

It was after reading the mice story that I suspected Tamsin must have conspired with Bridgette in this duplicity. At least Tamsin had the goodness not to admit being the co-author of this book.

The only truth as far as I can see is in the disclaimer, "any similarity to persons etc".

As a timely warning, might I suggest those of my gentle readers that are delicate of disposition, or exhibit a low level of arousal, to avoid reading Tamsin's disgusting Christmas story.

Product Details ISBN: 9780646833491
ISBN-10: 0646833499
Publisher: Publicious Pty Ltd
Publication Date: January 21st, 2021
Pages: 296
Language: English