Quiet Marketing (Hardcover)

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Quiet Marketing (Hardcover)


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If conventional business and marketing advice has not landed in your heart and soul very well and you are spending too much time online, then this book is for you

Quiet Marketing is a book for highly sensitive solopreneurs who are seeking a calm, uncomplicated, minimal approach to business and online visibility.

Inside, you'll discover:

* Why quiet marketing is not about playing small or being unnoticed in the marketplace.

* Your role in influencing positive change in the world through your message.

* Simple ways for your ideal clients to discover you that don't require you to be online all the time.

* How to work from a smaller plate, do less things (better) and accomplish more.

* How to trust your ideas and creations, especially when they are contrary to what everyone else is saying and doing.

And much more

These pages will inspire you to approach business and marketing differently, contribute to positive change through your message, prioritise your well being, and give you confidence to create success on your own terms.

Product Details ISBN: 9780645313802
ISBN-10: 0645313807
Publisher: Danielle Gardner
Publication Date: December 5th, 2021
Pages: 92
Language: English