Cashing Out: Win the Wealth Game by Walking Away (Hardcover)

Cashing Out: Win the Wealth Game by Walking Away By Julien Saunders, Kiersten Saunders Cover Image

Cashing Out: Win the Wealth Game by Walking Away (Hardcover)


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A revolutionary financial and career path to break free from corporate America's grasp, make peace with your finances, and build wealth on your own terms

When it comes to our finances, we’re told to follow the same script as our white colleagues: work hard, make money, save, and invest. Yet despite putting in twice the effort, you end up making less and are routinely passed up for career opportunities. Here’s the truth: financial freedom is within your reach, but playing by corporate America’s rules will only take you halfway there. To win, you must eventually walk away—and take up an entirely different model of wealth accumulation.
Cashing Out is your roadmap to financial freedom despite the broken system. You don’t have to sacrifice your time and mental health to maximize income. Instead, financial experts Julien and Kiersten Saunders show how to design a life that allows you to enjoy the little things now while setting yourself up for future financial security. Drawing from their journey paying off $200,000 of debt in five years, quitting their high-stress corporate jobs, and retaking control of their finances, this book will teach you:
  •  Why the mantra and glitz of “Black Excellence” is an unsustainable motivation for wealth building
  •  How to prioritize the right goals at each stage of your career so you can quit in 15 years or less
  •  How to talk about money with your loved ones without coming to blows
  •  Practical strategies to bring more money in without robbing you of time and energy you don’t have
It’s time to stop being a cog in the machine that leaves you under-appreciated and underpaid. Cashing Out shows you how to open the door to a new kind of prosperity.
Julien and Kiersten Saunders are the Atlanta-based co-creators of the lifestyle blog Rich & Regular. Together, they paid off $200k in debt in five years and were able to walk away from their corporate jobs before turning 40.

Product Details ISBN: 9780593329559
ISBN-10: 0593329554
Publisher: Portfolio
Publication Date: June 14th, 2022
Pages: 272
Language: English
"Cashing Out feels like the talk you desperately needed from the big cousins you've always looked up to. It's filled with gems about money, navigating your career and most importantly—relationships—from people who've done it successfully. You can literally feel the love and wisdom they've poured into every single chapter.” –Anthony O'Neal, speaker and author of Debt-Free Degree
“Read this book. Read it for the cool stories. Read it for the cool concepts. But mostly read it because it just might nudge you toward a far freer, richer and more rewarding life." –J.L. Collins, author of The Simple Path to Wealth

"The ideas in this book have the power to change the wealth trajectories of Black folks everywhere.” –Jewel Burks Solomon, Managing Partner, Collab Capital and Head of Google for Startups, US
“An honest and encouraging approach, with a dash of tough love, to help you determine what it takes to be financially, emotionally and mentally wealthy.” –Erin Lowry, author of the Broke Millennial series
“It’s rare to find a solid personal finance guide that’s so full of love. Kiersten and Julien know their stuff, but they never put themselves on a pedestal. Instead, they nudge you along to your best financial life like your favorite older siblings, sharing their own vulnerabilities, acknowledging the many systemic barriers that exist, and never making you feel bad for your past choices.” –Tanja Hester, author of Work Optional and Wallet Activism

“Kiersten and Julien avoid the B.S. that plagues most money manuals, opting instead to provide readers with the knowledge and confidence necessary to save, invest, and—in time—cash out by cashing in on the American Dream. Highly recommended." –J.D. Roth, founder Get Rich Slowly
“Packed with brilliant storytelling and hard truths about Corporate America, this book skillfully lays out how Black and Brown people must shift our mindset, plan to exit the rat race, and double down on strategies that offer financial independence on our terms. Frankly, it’s a much-needed message that’s long overdue." –Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, The Money Coach(R) and author of Zero Debt
“By the time you conclude this book, you will have both the practical steps to execute and the necessary paradigm shift needed to remain in the driver’s seat of your financial destiny.” –Talaat and Tai McNeely, founders of His and Her Money

"This book is a breath of fresh air. Kiersten and Julien make these concepts not only inclusive, but accessible and emotionally powerful. It reads beautifully, and you'll walk away with not only next steps to help improve your financial life but the inspiration and emotional drive to make it happen." –Tori Dunlap, founder of Her First $100k
"Cashing Out keeps it real about finances. This book is for everyone, especially Black people, who are on any stage of their journey towards financial freedom and need the exact steps to get there." –Dawn Dickson, serial entrepreneur