Birth of Dynamism (Hardcover)

Birth of Dynamism By George Ronald Watson Cover Image

Birth of Dynamism (Hardcover)


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Dynamism is the name given to the superhero team of five young people who possess mysterious forces on earth. These forces become dominant and directive once transcendent to Mular. The people of Mular see Dynamism as the saving force that will free them from the evil powers of the deadly Xymoxstar.

When reading Dynamism, we learn that superhero forces aside our young friends bring the cultural stigmas common on earth to the world of Mular. Individual bias people generally have lean in a particular direction, either in favor of or against one specific thing or being. In Birth of Dynamism, our young superheroes' bias shows the earthly acquired lack of a neutral viewpoint on race as drawn from their worldviews of racial equities. They learn once they are residence in Mular that the people of this far-off land lack all attention or awareness of racial inequities. In fact, on Mular, the people are insensitive and unaware of racial differences.

This new racial perspective is arresting for our five earthly friends. In the time, while visitors on Mular, they find this perspective comforting. However, they learn that the people on Mular exhibit a strong bias, as you will discover.

Product Details ISBN: 9780578877846
ISBN-10: 0578877848
Publisher: Mattson Consulting Strategic Marketing
Publication Date: March 30th, 2021
Pages: 352
Language: English