The Way of the Wizard: Utilitarian Systemology (A New Metahuman Ethic) (Hardcover)

The Way of the Wizard: Utilitarian Systemology (A New Metahuman Ethic) By Joshua Free Cover Image

The Way of the Wizard: Utilitarian Systemology (A New Metahuman Ethic) (Hardcover)


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Your Ticket Off of a Prison Planet...

...and The Pathway Leading to Spiritual Ascension

We strongly benefit from the fact that at its basic state, the Alpha Spirit is actually righteous and good -- if not otherwise 'amoral' down here on Earth when serving a higher Ethic -- simply working to get along in the continuation of its own existence.

Were this not the case, we would have no chance at rehabilitating Presence and Awareness of the actual Self that is behind the helm -- and restoring it the full control of how we experience this 'physical' or 'material' Beta-Existence, which we each participate in maintaining as Reality.

In this much-anticipated and long overdue Liber-Three (or Liber-3E) installment for the Mardukite 'Metahuman Systemology' series, Joshua Free explains how: "The world manifested 'out there' is an agreement of participation by what is going on 'in here' and there really is no distinction between the two when we get right down to it."

Accumulated involvement in dangerous situations, states of confusion, unjust destruction and being at the effect end of faulty (or blatantly false) information, all lend to fragmented purposes that may very well be painted to appear "for our own good." Instead, they are actually non-survival (or counter-survival) oriented, leading us away from routes to achieve "greater heights" -- higher more ideal states of Knowingness and Beingness -- including the "Magic Universe" preceding this one.

Here then is the next great frontier of the Pathway -- crossed by participants in the "Freedom From" workshops led by Joshua Free at the Mardukite Academy and Systemology Society in 2021 and 2022.

Here then is a bridge from Grade-IV to Grade-V, finally available and enhanced for Seekers, Pilots, Ministers and Wizards, in a special premiere hardcover Mardukite Academy collector's edition.

Here then is the "Way Out" of the "Matrix" -- an achievement in standardizing the destination for the "Pathway to Self-Honesty" (and beyond ) -- the Way... of the Wizard...

BONUS: Includes an integration of electronic biofeedback technology as applied to the basic fundamentals and professional practice of Systemology

Product Details ISBN: 9780578283913
ISBN-10: 0578283913
Publisher: Joshua Free
Publication Date: April 30th, 2022
Pages: 246
Language: English