The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business: Make Great Money. Work the Way You Like. Have the Life You Want. (Hardcover)

The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business: Make Great Money. Work the Way You Like. Have the Life You Want. By Elaine Pofeldt Cover Image

The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business: Make Great Money. Work the Way You Like. Have the Life You Want. (Hardcover)


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The indispensable guide to earning a six-figure take-home income on your own terms, from contributing writer Elaine Pofeldt.

The rise of one-million-dollar, one-person businesses in the past five years is the biggest trend in employment today, offering the widest range of people the most ways to earn a living while having the lifestyles they want. In The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business, Elaine Pofeldt outlines the pathways to joining this entrepreneurial movement, synthesizing advice from hundreds of business owners who've done it. She explains how to identify, launch, grow, and reinvent the business, showing how a single individual can generate $1 million in revenue--something only larger small companies have done in the past. Both inspirational and practical, this book will appeal to all who seek a great worklife and a great lifestyle.
ELAINE POFELDT writes about one-million-dollar, one-person businesses for Formerly, she was a senior editor at Fortune Small Business magazine. Elaine's work has been published in Money, Fortune, Inc., Good Housekeeping, Dr. Oz, and Marie Claire; on Medium and; and by the Economist Intelligence Unit. She earned her BA in English at Yale and is a mother of four.

Product Details ISBN: 9780399578960
ISBN-10: 039957896X
Publisher: Lorena Jones Books
Publication Date: January 2nd, 2018
Pages: 224
Language: English
“Free agents have unprecedented opportunities to earn a great living and create the lifestyle they really want. The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business unlocks strategies that will help solo entrepreneurs achieve more than they ever thought possible.”
Matt Barrie, CEO of
The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business is proof that you can have the life and career you desire if you dare to dream big.”
Sasan Goodarzi, executive vice president and general manager of Intuit Small Business
“Traditional, hierarchical careers are no longer the best path for many. Breaking free is incredibly empowering and can exponentially increase earnings for savvy professionals. This book is an excellent source of guidance for people carving new paths to help them through the many choices they face.”
Stephane Kasriel, CEO of Upwork

“Read The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business to learn strategies you can start using now to build a high-revenue business that gives you the freedom to lead the life you want. Pofeldt will convince you that you have more power to do so than you think!”
Stew Friedman, author of Total Leadership and Leading the Life You Want, practice professor of management at Wharton, and director of Wharton Work/Life Integration Project
“In an era when freelancing, small office/home office, and one-person businesses are exploding, Elaine Pofeldt has written a definitive guidebook for any would-be entrepreneur who is looking to brainstorm, grow, sell, and succeed.”
Gene Marks, CPA at the Marks Group PC
“Elaine Pofeldt not only knows her subject as a business reporter, she has lived it, too, running her successful business for ten years. If you are looking to change your life, you couldn’t have a better guide.”
Susan Crandell, author of Thinking About Tomorrow and former editor in chief of More magazine
“The best businesses are those that give us independence and financial security. In this excellent book, Pofeldt applies her investigative journalist’s skills to discovering how to build a million-dollar business while avoiding the headaches that typically plague small companies. Read it and be liberated!”
Murray B. Low, PhD, professor, executive education, and founder of the entrepreneurship program at Columbia Business School
“Elaine Pofeldt helped me have the courage to create the life I wanted, with practical, funny, and wise advice. With clear examples and compelling research, she shows what’s possible if you decide to go into business for yourself, and helps you figure out how to get there.”
Elizabeth MacBride, international business journalist, freelance contributor to CNBC and Forbes, and single mom
“Elaine Pofeldt shows how people from all walks of life are hitting the million-dollar mark, sharing candid stories of entrepreneurs who have achieved the financial freedom to live the way they want. A must-read for anyone who dreams of quitting their job and starting a business.”
Ron Carson, CEO and founder of Carson Wealth Management Group
“There is no one who knows more about the freelance economy—or can credibly illustrate the rewards of entrepreneurship—than Elaine Pofeldt. The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business is a useful and inspiring guide to every would-be self-starter.”
Tom Post, former managing editor of Forbes and coauthor of Unleashing the Innovators
“Running a high-revenue one-person business isn’t just about the money—it’s about gaining the freedom to live your life in a way that matters to you and to give back to others in meaningful ways. In The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business, author and veteran small-business journalist Elaine Pofeldt draws on the stories and strategies of real entrepreneurs to create a highly readable and instructive roadmap for achieving these goals.”
Anne Field, journalist and author of the Forbes blog Not Only for Profit
“Pofeldt’s book is the first stop for any entrepreneur who wants to make a real go of it.”
Hank Gilman, owner and editor of High Water Press and former deputy editor of Fortune magazine