Dragon (Paperback)

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The final book of the popular Five Ancestors series focuses on Long, the wisest of the surviving Cangzhen monks. After hiding out for a year in the Shanghai Fight Club, he now must reveal himself, connect with his temple brothers, and prevent Tonglong from killing the emperor and taking over the Forbidden City.

Full of action, humor and intrigue, Jeff Stone concludes his exciting Five Ancestors series with a butt-kicking narrator and seven young heroes facing almost insurmountable odds.

About the Author

JEFF STONE lives in the Midwest with his wife, their two children, and a python named Yokwan (Cantonese for "Jade Bangle"). Jeff holds a black belt in Shaolin-Do kung fu. He had the honor of traveling to China with the Shaolin-Do grand master and test for his black belt at Shaolin Temple.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780375830808
ISBN-10: 0375830804
Publisher: Yearling Books
Publication Date: January 11th, 2011
Pages: 229
Language: English
Series: Five Ancestors (Paperback)