The Boundaries of Mixedness: A Global Perspective (Hardcover)

The Boundaries of Mixedness: A Global Perspective By Erica Chito Childs (Editor) Cover Image

The Boundaries of Mixedness: A Global Perspective (Hardcover)

By Erica Chito Childs (Editor)

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The Boundaries of Mixedness tackles the burgeoning field of critical mixed race studies, bringing together research that spans five continents and more than ten countries. Research on mixedness is growing, yet there is still much debate over what exactly mixed race means, and whether it is a useful term. Despite a growing focus on and celebration of mixedness globally, particularly in the media, societies around the world are grappling with how and why crossing socially constructed boundaries of race, ethnicity and other markers of difference matter when considering those who date, marry, raise families, or navigate their identities across these boundaries. What we find collectively through the ten studies in this book is that in every context there is a hierarchy of mixedness, both in terms of intimacy and identity. This hierarchy of intimacy renders certain groups as more or less marriable, socially constructed around race, ethnicity, caste, religion, skin color and/or region. Relatedly, there is also a hierarchy of identities where certain races, languages, ethnicities and religions are privileged and valued differently. These differences emerge out of particular local histories and contemporary contexts yet there are also global realities that transcend place and space.

The Boundaries of Mixedness is a significant new contribution to mixed race studies for academics, researchers, and advanced students of Ethnic and Racial Studies, Sociology, History and Public Policy.

This book was originally published as a special issue of the Journal of Intercultural Studies.

Erica Chito Childs is leading qualitative researcher on issues of race, gender and sexuality, particularly in the areas of multiracialism, families, media and popular culture. She is a popular and engaging speaker and is frequently invited to lecture on multiracial issues in the United States, Australia, Britain and South Africa. Her work is regularly featured in various media outlets.
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