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With her critically acclaimed debut novel, Still Life with Husband, Lauren Fox established herself as a wise and achingly funny chronicler of domestic life and was hailed as “a delightful new voice in American fiction, a voice that instantly recalls the wry, knowing prose of Lorrie Moore” (Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times). Fox’s new novel glitters with these pleasures—fearless wordplay, humor, and nuance—and asks us the question at the heart of every friendship: What would you give up for a friend’s happiness?
For Willa Jacobs, seeing her best friend, Jane Weston, is like looking in a mirror on a really good day. Strangers assume they are sisters, a comparison Willa secretly enjoys. They share an apartment, clothing, and groceries, eking out rent with part-time jobs. Willa writes advertising copy, dreaming up inspirational messages for tea bags (“The path to enlightenment is steep” and “Oolong! Farewell!”), while Jane cleans houses and writes poetry about it, rhyming “dust” with “lust,” and “clog of hair” with “fog of despair.” Together Willa and Jane are a fortress of private jokes and shared opinions, with a friendship so close there’s hardly room for anyone else. But when Ben, Willa’s oldest friend, reappears and falls in love with Jane, Willa wonders: Can she let her two best friends find happiness with each other if it means leaving her behind?

About the Author

Lauren Fox is the author of "Still Life with Husband." She earned her MFA from the University of Minnesota in 1998, and her work has appeared in "The New York Times, ""Marie Claire, ""Seventeen, ""Glamour, " and "Salon." She lives in Milwaukee with her husband and two daughters.

Praise For…

“[A] poignant comedy. . . . That sprinkling of despair and humor is typical of Fox, who . . . established herself as a chronicler of contemporary marriage and adultery. She’s in love with language and can squeeze laughs out of the worst situations while depicting nuanced, complicated characters. Her prose is intelligent. . . . This novel is ultimately about trust, betrayal and forgiveness. Fox makes you care about Willa and everyone else in Friends Like Us long after you’ve finished.” —Lisa Page, The Washington Post

“[Fox] infuses her writing with a clever, unforced humor. . . . As I finished Friends Like Us I did not despair, but reminisced about that bittersweet time of life that Fox captures perfectly with a writing style that rings with the familiarity of a long-lost friend.” —Meganne Fabrega, Minneapolis Star Tribune 
“Creative characters give Fox the opportunity for playful narration, puns and clever dialogue. Willa especially can be counted on for comedy, whether she is being introduced to someone’s fiancé called Rich (‘I’m not sure whether she’s telling us his name or describing him’) or trying to remember the name of a vegetarian restaurant (was it ‘Tempeh Tantrum,’ ‘Soy to the World’ or ‘Gluten-berg Bible’?). Willa’s multifarious humor is well matched by Jane’s quieter presence. But their tidy friendship is interrupted by the return of Willa’s best friend from high school, Ben. . . . Fox proves herself here, as in her first book, attracted to the crumbling, collapsing character of friendships as well as romances.” —Casey N. Cep, San Francisco Chronicle

"A funny, astute examination of the fragility of friendship.” —Stephan Lee, Entertainment Weekly

“The book is funny, breezing along as it nails its Gen-Y characters . . . It’s a strikingly wise exploration of the bonds people forge and break. Fox delivers on plot, but it’s her insight, emotion, and eye for universal truths that make Friends Like Us memorable.” —Robin Micheli, People 
“Love triangles are as old as love itself, so how to make a novel about the shaky geometry of romance feel fresh? Lauren Fox, in her second novel, succeeds admirably, partly because she places her twenty-something characters against a grim backdrop of economic uncertainty and the not-quite-healed wounds of parental failures. This is a snarky, punny group of friends . . . but in the end, what elevates this book above chick-lit status are its deeper insights.” —Kate Tuttle, The Boston Globe

“As I read Lauren Fox’s new novel, I dog-eared pages with witty lines, or impressively bitter ones, or ones that made me laugh. Please forgive me, Alfred A. Knopf, for what I’ve done to your book. I hadn’t intended to make origami out of it. . . . I’ve sometimes marveled at the multilayered closeness of the friendships between some women I know, to the point of occasionally wondering why they would even need men around, except for the pesky sex thing. Fox has drawn a sharp portrait of such a female friendship, inscribing both the joys and the needs that maintain its bonds while also illuminating the countervailing forces that could send its partners flying apart.” —Jim Higgins, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 
“Lauren Fox’s heartbreaking second novel is about the intense bonds between women—and how they change when your friend dates your soulmate. It’s a perfect girly page-turner for cozy winter nights.” —Glamour

“In this charming novel from the critically acclaimed author of Still Life with Husband, 26-year-old Willa and her best friend Jane are inseparable—until Jane falls in love.” —People Style Watch 
“Lauren Fox’s Friends Like Us captures, with delicacy and humor, the ambiguities of attraction in an ironic age.” —Vogue
“Two best friends in their 20s wrestle with love and jealousy in Lauren Fox's hilarious, heartbreaking novel.” —Marie Claire
“Fox’s funny and bittersweet new novel tackles the fragility of friendship . . . When Ben meets Jane and they start dating, a love triangle forms, with Willa serving as the essential, but confused third wheel. As Ben and Jane’s relationship becomes more serious, the attraction between Ben and Willa grows, and all three must cope with the consequences. Instead of making Willa’s story maudlin and clichéd, Fox (Still Life with Husband) steers her characters toward a surprisingly realistic and complex conclusion. A thoughtful, delicate book.” —Publishers Weekly

“Lauren Fox writes with verve and a keen understanding of human relationships. She also happens to be riotously funny. Friends Like Us is at once a hilarious page-turner and a wise meditation on friendship, marriage, and the ways in which our parents’ mistakes so often shape our lives.” —J. Courtney Sullivan, author of Maine
Friends Like Us explores the connection between love and friendship—and the unspoken jealousy that can upend both. Fox delivers a punch (and a story I can't stop thinking about) with her surprising and deeply honest novel.” —Laura Dave, author of The First Husband
“Fox creates a character [in Willa] whose social awkwardness and desperation are charming. How can a reader not sympathize with a girl who can bemoan her third-wheel status with a reference to The Glass Menagerie? The relationships are realistically depicted, especially among the three friends, whose inside jokes become like a second language. The plot is pure Emily Giffin, but Fox tackles quarter-life angst with the honest of Ann Packer’s The Dive from Clausen’s Pier (2002). The hard emotional truths go down easily amid the smart, rapid-fire wit. A pure if heartbreaking pleasure.” —Booklist (starred review)
“Wounded, witty Willa is a remarkably complex creation. Moving, artfully written.” —Kirkus Reviews
“An honest look into the friendships and relationships we develop in early adulthood . . . Fox’s realistic take on the growing pains of young adulthood grips the reader to the final page. Anyone who has suffered the loss of a friendship will embrace this thoughtful novel.”  —Library Journal
“Reading Friends Like Us is like finding an old photograph of yourself when you were in your twenties. You'll remember the too-small apartments, the odd jobs, and the (sometimes) questionable decisions you made in the name of love. By the end, Lauren Fox will have you laughing and crying and calling your best friend in the middle of the night. I know I called mine.” —Rebecca Rasmussen, author of The Bird Sisters
“Dazzlingly entertaining and utterly engaging, Friends Like Us draws an intimate sketch of need and loss, crosshatched by friendship and love. Willa is funny, fallible, and fierce as she navigates family's inexorable pull and the self's desire for individual orbit. Fox's gorgeous novel grapples with ordinary truths in an extraordinary way, and will leave you paying more attention to the people who matter to you most.” —Gwendolen Gross, author of The Orphan Sister
Friends Like Us is smart, funny, and winning, but the thing that strikes me most about it is how honest it is. Lauren Fox perfectly captures the way best friends love each other, make each other laugh, and sometimes, at their worst moments, break each other’s hearts.” —Lauren Grodstein, author of A Friend of the Family

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ISBN: 9780307268112
Publisher: Knopf
Publication Date: February 14th, 2012
Pages: 288