Keeping Finance Personal: Ditch the “Shoulds” and the Shame and Rewrite Your Money Story (Hardcover)

Keeping Finance Personal: Ditch the “Shoulds” and the Shame and Rewrite Your Money Story By Ellyce Fulmore Cover Image

Keeping Finance Personal: Ditch the “Shoulds” and the Shame and Rewrite Your Money Story (Hardcover)


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 a clear, approachable guide to help readers untangle their relationship with money, understand the systems and inequities that impact them, and reclaim financial independence.”―Edgar Villanueva, bestselling author of Decolonizing Wealth

An intersectional approach to personal finance from queer, neurodivergent personal finance educator and TikToker, Ellyce Fulmore.
There’s no magic formula for being “good with money.” The perfect budgeting spreadsheet or debt repayment plan will never address the root of your money issues. When Ellyce Fulmore started her journey with personal finance, she was drowning in $35K of debt, had $60 to her name, and avoided looking at her bank account. Her own “aha” moment came when she realized that the reason she and so many others have struggled with finances has little to do with being “bad with money.” Instead, it has everything to do how identity and lived experience affect financial behaviors.
Now in Keeping Finance Personal, Ellyce offers a shame-free, trauma-aware approach that explores the complex, nuanced, and deeply personal relationship between your identity and your money. With chapters exploring topics such as finding safe spaces, personal values, relationship dynamics, family systems, and culture, it’s clear this is not your typical finance book. Readers will engage with how their upbringing, sense of self, trauma, and mental health impact their decisions, and begin a journey to change their relationship with money.
This book is for the woman facing sexism at her local bank, the neurodivergent person struggling with impulse spending, the young adult questioning societal expectations, the 2SLGBTQIA+ couple searching for a place to rent—all the people that don’t fit into the mold that traditional finance advice is aimed at. Filled with interviews from a diverse range of voices, practical exercises, and tangible tips, Keeping Finance Personal provides a path to develop a healthy money mindset and create a life where financial stability and joy coexist.
Ellyce Fulmore is a queer and neurodivergent financial educator, content creator and the founder of Queerd Co., a financial literacy company. Ellyce is passionate about helping her online community of over half a million find the right tools, strategies and perspective to create a life where financial stability and joy coexist. Ellyce’s work has been featured on many notable platforms such as: The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, The Financial Post, Refinery29, Global News, and CBC Live morning news. She’s helped thousands of people improve their finances through Queerd Co.’s self-led mini courses, email newsletter, digital templates, and signature course, The Neuro$picy Money Method.
TikTok: IG: @ellyce.fulmore
Product Details ISBN: 9780306831317
ISBN-10: 0306831317
Publisher: Hachette Go
Publication Date: January 23rd, 2024
Pages: 352
Language: English
Keeping Finance Personal offers a holistic and compassionate lens through which you can view and build your best financial life.”—Erin Lowry, author of the Broke Millennial series

"In her classic shame-free style, Ellyce distills money in an easy-to-understand format, especially for neuro-spicy, disabled, and queer folks. A perfect guide for those who have struggled consuming the standard personal finance advice."—Tori Dunlap, New York Times bestselling author of Financial Feminist

“As someone who has had to overcome serious financial shame and anxiety in her own life, Ellyce's book is a refreshing, emotionally thoughtful exploration of what it means to build a healthy relationship with money. She takes you on a journey towards a more sustainable and joyful life: one that doesn't require erasing your identity or history, and one which allows us to be full human beings—not just numbers on a spreadsheet.”
 —Chelsea Fagan, CEO of The Financial Diet

“If you're considering buying Keeping Finance Personal, let me warn you: This is not a book. This is a mirror. "Feeling seen" doesn't even cover it—I felt named, identified for things I (as a financial educator!) didn't even realize I struggled with, much less that these parts of my identity affected my money brain so deeply. With every chapter, Ellyce does this magical accordion-y thing: She lays out the financial landscape of incredibly nuanced topics you don't see in other money books, like neurodivergence or gender identity. But then, she gathers you in and makes you feel enclosed in a safe space of real solutions and, above all, true humanity and compassion. Honestly, I want to crawl inside of this book and live there.”—Berna Anat, bestselling author of Money Out Loud

"Keeping Finance Personal is a book every twentysomething could use. Who you are—so far—affects how you spend and save, and this clearly written book will help you take charge of both without shame or blame." —Meg Jay PhD, author of The Twentysomething Treatment and The Defining Decade

Keeping Finance Personal is a clear, approachable guide to help readers untangle their relationship with money, understand the systems and inequities that impact them, and reclaim financial independence. It’s a new and powerful way to think about money.”Edgar Villanueva, bestselling author of Decolonizing Wealth

"Ellyce Fulmore’s Keeping Finance Personal is your money BFF here to eliminate shame and create a safe environment to be authentic about finances. Practical information flows with care given to outliers and individual identities, which creates a brilliantly transparent way to get at a topic that is usually dry and terrifying."—Gabe Dunn, New York Times bestselling author and host of the podcast Bad With Money

Keeping Finance Personal breaks away from the traditionally individualistic approach to personal finance by addressing wealth inequities at the systemic level. Through nuanced personal stories and interviews, Ellyce breathes humanity back into what can otherwise be a scary and sterile topic of money management, while allowing readers to tap into their own stories of shame, trauma, and healing. It is a remarkably comprehensive yet accessible guide to personal finance told through a social justice lens that will benefit many readers.”—Michelle MiJung Kim, Award Winning Author of The Wake Up: Closing the Gap Between Good Intentions and Real Change

"Money has been shrouded by shame—until now. Ellyce has done a fantastic job at demystifying our money stories.”
 —Simran Kaur, author of Girls that Invest

“An eye-opening journey into identity and finance! Ellyce seamlessly weaves the intersection of identity, privilege, and money. Keeping Finance Personal is a refreshing departure from conventional finance advice that often ignores diversity. Instead, this book encourages readers to embrace who they are and to challenge the status quo as they start their financial journey. This is a must-read for anyone eager to discover a more inclusive and empowering approach to personal finance.”—Alyssa Davies, author of the 100-Day Financial Goal Journal and Financial First Aid