Soft Innovation: Economics, Product Aesthetics, and the Creative Industries (Hardcover)

Soft Innovation: Economics, Product Aesthetics, and the Creative Industries By Paul Stoneman Cover Image

Soft Innovation: Economics, Product Aesthetics, and the Creative Industries (Hardcover)


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At its heart this book is about innovation and the innovation process. On the way, it considers culture and the cultural industries, aesthetics, creativity and the creative industries, and a number of other similar topics.

Much of the existing economic literature on innovation has taken a particularly technological or functional viewpoint as to what sort of new products and processes are to be considered innovations. One of the key things this book shows is that there is a type of innovation, here labelled "soft innovation", primarily concerned with changes in products (and perhaps processes) of an aesthetic or intellectual nature, that has largely been ignored in the study of innovation prevalent in economics. Examples of innovations that, as a result of this refocusing, are here placed at the centre of the analysis include: the writing and publishing of a new book, the writing, production, and launching of a new movie, the development and launch of a new advertising promotion, the design and production of a new range of furniture, and architectural activity in the generation of new built form designs. The realisation of the existence of soft innovation means that, not only is innovation more widespread
than previously considered, but that it may also take a different form than commonly considered.

Soft Innovation addresses key issues such as:

* The measurement of the rate and extent of soft innovation,
* The determinants of the rate and direction of soft innovation and diffusion,
* The impacts of soft innovation and diffusion upon outputs, productivity, employment, firm performance, trade, and economic welfare,
* Policy, considering whether there is a rationale for government intervention in the soft innovation generation and diffusion processes, and if so what instruments can be used in such intervention?

Soft Innovation breaks new ground in the study of innovation, and will be key reading for academics and researchers of Innovation, Marketing, and Design, as well as consultants, practitioners, and policy-makers concerned with the creative industries.
Professor Paul Stoneman is Research Professor in the Marketing and Strategic Management Group and Head of the Technological Innovations Research Unit in Warwick Business School. He has held visiting positions at Stanford and Nuffield College, Oxford. He has published widely on the Economics of Innovation especially as regards the diffusion of new technology and technology policy. He is author of one of the earliest studies of computerization in the UK as well as texts on technological change and technology policy, with a recent volume on technological diffusion. Past papers have appeared inter alia in the Rand Journal of Economics, the Economic Journal and The Journal of Industrial Economics.

Product Details ISBN: 9780199572489
ISBN-10: 0199572488
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Publication Date: April 12th, 2010
Pages: 384
Language: English