Immaculate Invasion (Paperback)

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For eighteen months, Bob Shacochis covered "Operation Uphold Democracy" in Haiti, where he bunked with a team of Special Forces Commandos -- the most highly trained and sophisticated warriors in history. There, he observed both the heroic exploits and the unrelenting frustrations of men struggling to be soldiers in a military environment in which "acceptable losses" has evolved to mean "no losses whatsoever". From the Pentagon's war room to the dangerously divided U.S. embassy in Portau-Prince and the inner circles of both Haiti's military junta and the terrorist group FRAPH, Shacochis chronicles what the military calls OTW -- Operations Other Than War. The result is a revelatory view of modern-day warfare, an assessment of our obligations as the world's peacekeeper, and a song of freedom dedicated to not just the Haitian people, but to any culture staggering through the aftershock of twentieth-century imperialism.
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ISBN: 9780140248951
Publisher: Penguin Books
Publication Date: May 1st, 2000
Pages: 432