State of Fear (Hardcover)

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In Paris, a physicist dies after performing a laboratory experiment for a beautiful visitor.

In the jungles of Malaysia, a mysterious buyer purchases deadly cavitation technology, built to his specifications.

In Vancouver, a small research submarine is leased for use in the waters off New Guinea.

And in Tokyo, an intelligence agent tries to understand what it all means.

Thus begins Michael Crichton's exciting and provocative technothriller, State of Fear. Only Michael Crichton's unique ability to blend science fact and pulse-pounding fiction could bring such disparate elements to a heart-stopping conclusion.

This is Michael Crichton's most wide-ranging thriller. State of Fear takes the reader from the glaciers of Iceland to the volcanoes of Antarctica, from the Arizona desert to the deadly jungles of the Solomon Islands, from the streets of Paris to the beaches of Los Angeles. The novel races forward, taking the reader on a rollercoaster thrill ride, all the while keeping the brain in high gear. Gripping and thought-provoking, State of Fear is Michael Crichton at his very best.

Praise For…

“You have to hand it to Michael Crichton; he knows how to tell a story.”
-Wisconsin State Journal

“STATE OF FEAR is an exciting yarn.”
-The Liverpool Daily Post

“STATE OF FEAR grabs you from the start.”
-The Weekend Australian

“In STATE OF FEAR Crichton weaves a stunning fiction around the issue of global warming.”
-Australia Gold Coast Bulletin

“STATE OF FEAR is the world’s first page-turner that people will want to read in one gulp.”
-Montery County Herald

“Scary? You bet.”

“…this proves a pleasant way of learning a lot worth knowing.”
-Philadelphia Inquirer

“A deftly crafted action/adventure novel.”
-Pittsburgh Tribune

“STATE OF FEAR is Michael Crichton’s best.”

“He imparts science while entertaining readers.”
-Denver Post

“Cliffhanging action sequences.”
-New York Times

“Fast-faced and a fun read. A breath of fresh air.”
-The Vancouver Province

“Michael Crichton’s new book will appeal to your inner techie.”
-Washington Post Book World

“[A] snappy eco-thriller.”
-Entertainment Weekly

“An exciting story…in the hands of a master story-teller like Crichton, it’s good entertainment.”
-Sunday Telegraph

“For thriller fans, STATE OF FEAR is the perfect tonic for a weekend when you’re snowbound.”
-The Ottowa Sun

“In STATE OF FEAR, Michael Crichton delivers a lightening technopolitical thriller...every bit as informative as it is entertaining.”
-Wall Street Journal

“…he understands science and how to separate fact from fiction. Impressive documentation.”
-Washington Times

“One of the real pleasures of Crichton’s books is their erudite polish.”

“A master. A connoisseur of catastrophe.”
-Los Angeles Times

“The king of the techno-thriller has once again given us a gripping, action-packed yarn.”
-Birmingham Post

“A gripping techno thriller that…spares no expense when it comes to adventure, suspense and, ultimately, satisfaction.”
-Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“The thrills of Crichton’s latest are interspersed with fascinating facts and data. Perhaps his most serious and important book yet.”

“This is definitely one for the Christmas list.”
-National Review

“Every bit as informative as it is entertaining. And it is very entertaining.”
-Wall Street Journal

“STATE OF FEAR is replete with heart-pounding suspense.”
-Albany Times Union

“STATE OF FEAR is a valuable education in the guise of entertainment. Do yourself a favor and buy it.”
-Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Definitely page-turning.”
-Detroit Free Press

“Crichton knows how to craft a tale, one that keeps the reader turning the pages.”
-Houston Chronicle

…Plenty of thrills, chills and spills. STATE OF FEAR is required reading.”
-The Electricity Daily

“Very enjoyable.”
-The Evening Standard (London)

“There’s no one else like him…a fast, fun read.”
-Weekly Standard

“Fascinating for how Crichton was trying to make the very absence of fear spooky.”
-San Francisco Chronicle

“Provocative and controversial. [Crichton] marries compelling subject matter with edge-of-your-seat storytelling.”
-USA Today

“[Crichton’s] expert manipulation of tension pays off in page-turning dividends. Cunningly orchestrated mayhem.”
-Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Terrific fun.”
-Daily Telegraph (London)

“Crichton has written a book that deserves to be taken seriously.”
-The New Yorker

“[Crichton’s] expert manipulation of tension pays off in page-turning dividends. Cunningly orchestrated mayhem.”

Product Details
ISBN: 9780066214139
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: December 7th, 2004
Pages: 624