God Is Not a Christian: And Other Provocations (Paperback)

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" ArchbishopDesmond Tutu's] unofficial legacy will be his life and the story of how thistiny pastor with a huge laugh from South Africa became our globalguardian." --Time magazine Biographer John Allen collects the ArchbishopDesmond Tutu's most profound, controversial, and historic words in thisinspiring anthology of speeches, interviews, and sermons that have rocked theworld. An unforgettable look at the South African pastor's deeply rootedempathy and penetrating wisdom, God IsNot a Christian is perfect for anyone moved by of Martin Luther King Jr.'s"I Have a Dream" speech or Nelson Mandela's stirring autobiography Conversations with Myself, brilliantlyconnecting readers with the courageous and much-needed moral vision thatcontinues to change countless lives around the globe.
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ISBN: 9780061874635
Publisher: HarperOne
Publication Date: May 1st, 2014
Pages: 256