Mistress of Winter (Mass Market Paperback)

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The Black Emmeria calls to its own . . . and all that is vile in the world must answer the summons.

The Nightmare Battle was won thanks to the noble sacrifice of the Heir of Autumn. Since then, the sorceress-concubine Shara has spent many fruitless years in her quest to free her beloved Brophy from the magical slumber that keeps the sinister magic of the Black Emmeria at bay. But an unending river of tormented dreams has twisted Brophy into a monster. And once awakened by the powerful Arefaine Morgeon, Brophy cruelly abandons his steadfast lover--joining instead the ambitious young enchantress in her scheme to return the notoriously savage City of Sorcerers to its former dark glory. Betrayed and abandoned, her heart irreparably shattered, Shara drowns her grief in a single-minded pursuit of pleasure and power, seduced into a deadly clash with a magical master of pain. And the world slides ever-closer to destruction . . .

Praise For…

“Old-fashioned empire building seasoned with plenty of sex and violence.”
-Publishers Weekly

“With its lush settings and erotic passages, [this] should appeal to fans of Terry Goodkind and Jacqueline Carey.”
-Library Journal

Product Details
ISBN: 9780060829780
Publisher: Eos
Publication Date: January 2008
Pages: 624