Cat Pay the Devil: A Joe Grey Mystery (Joe Grey Mystery Series #12) (Paperback)

Cat Pay the Devil: A Joe Grey Mystery (Joe Grey Mystery Series #12) Cover Image
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"Wilma's in danger!

You think I'm going to sit here polishing my claws?"

When she first hears the news that convict Cage Jones has escaped from prison, Dulcie's fur stands on end. She knows he's after her human companion, Wilma, whom he blames for his stint in jail. She tries to enlist the help of her friend Joe Grey, but the tomcat's got his paws full investigating two local murders. It's only when Wilma disappears after an afternoon shopping trip—and Cage is found lurking at her house—that Joe realizes the two crimes might be more connected than he thought. Paw in hand with the unsuspecting cops, the fantastic felines must untangle Cage's devilish agenda and snare a killer if they ever want to curl up with their friend again and bring peace to their seaside village.

Praise For…

“A complex, well-crafted plot and lively, credible characters will leave fans purring with pleasure.”

“[A] series of supense yarns that not only capture the feline “attitude” but offer a satisfying read.”

“[A] superior cat cozy. The intricate and absorbing plot keeps the reader in suspense throughout.”

“[A]delightful mix of humans, sentient cats, mystery, and humor.”

“Fun fare for cat fans.”

“Round up the readers; they will be delighted.”

“This is a must read for those who enjoy the feline side of sleuthing.”


“Murphy’s raised the stakes of the feline sleuth genre.”

“Magical whimsy and deft writing.”

“Excellent reading...Not to be missed!”


“Murphy’s surefire plotting makes this more than just another cute cat cozy.”

Product Details
ISBN: 9780060578138
ISBN-10: 0060578130
Publisher: Avon
Publication Date: December 26th, 2007
Pages: 336
Language: English
Series: Joe Grey Mystery Series