Book Fairs

Tattered Cover Book Fairs

Tattered Cover Book Store is excited to bring a book fair to your school! Please read all of the information below about hosting a book fair through Tattered Cover. If you'd like to schedule a book fair, please email Kane Klipka with the following information:

  • Name of school:
  • Your position at the school:
  • Date(s) you'd like to host a book fair, to include one evening event (like a Parent Night, etc.):
  • I've received any permission I might need from the school to move forward with this: Yes? No?
  • I've checked that school is in session these dates and that there is no testing or other conflicts: Yes? No?
  • I've read all of the information about Tattered Cover Book Fairs in the page below: Yes? No?
  • I've read and agree to all the terms in the Book Fair contract: Yes? No?

Why partner with Tattered Cover on a Book Fair?

  • Tattered Cover will organize everything
  • We will provide quality literature for every age
  • We will make your book fair as small or large as you would like
  • We can provide specific titles you request, as long as they are available to us
  • Complimentary delivery, set-up, and tear-down
  • Free classroom book talks by a Tattered Cover children's book expert, in advance of your book fair
  • Personalized service and recommendations
  • Hassel free returns
  • Support a local business
  • Earn money for your school
  • We offer free author visits during book fairs, depending on author availability

Let’s Talk About the Money

Depending on you school's sales, Tattered Cover will donate 10-25% of the total sales back to the school! Here is a breakdown of the donation scale:

Eligible Sales Total Cash Discount Store Credit Discount
$500 - $5,000 10% 15%
$5,001-$10,000 15% 20%
$10,000+ 20% 25%


Frequently Asked Questions

What dates are available for book fairs and how long do they last?
We can make just about any set of dates work for you. Book Fairs can last from 1 day to an entire week, and must include one evening event (like a Parent/Teacher Night.) You will have the ability to choose what suits your school best. Please keep in mind that we need about a month to create the book list, order all of the titles, and have everything ready to go.

Who is responsible for running the book fair?
Your school is responsible for running the book fair. We suggest using parent volunteers to help out, as is done with other book fair companies. Tattered Cover does the set up and break-down, but someone from the school must be present.

What does the set-up and take-down process entail?
Tattered Cover will deliver your books, bags, and bookmarks and will set up the fair in an eye-catching way. After the book fair, Tattered Cover will come collect all of the books and supplies that we left with you. Tattered Cover does the set up and break-down, but someone from the school must be present. During set-up, Tattered Cover will count/review the books with a school rep and the school rep will sign off on the completed tally. During break-down, Tattered Cover will count/review what's left with a school rep and the school rep will sign off on the completed tally. The school's invoice will be based on these numbers. 

How does a Tattered Cover Book Fair compare to the Scholastic Book Fair?
Tattered Cover Book Fairs will look very similar to Scholastic’s, but we will be able to offer you books published by all publishing companies (not just Scholastic!) We also strive to provide quality literature for your students—not just posters and games. Unlike Scholastic, we will cater the book list to your needs and provide exciting marketing, including book talks and possibly author presentations upon request. We will work with you every step of the way to meet your needs and to get your students excited about reading.

What ages will be represented at the book fair?
We can cater the book list to represent any grade levels. You can take an active part in creating the book list, and we can add your school’s favorite titles and themes. We also have ready-made book lists if you would like a more general selection. There wil be a very strict deadline date for the school to sign off on the book list so Tattered Cover can place the order in time.

How is the money handled?
Tattered Cover will provide a list of titles that are at the book fair, along with the price of each book. It will come alphabetically by author AND title. The school is responsible for collecting cash, checks, and credit cards (if your school doesn't have a system already set up for this, other schools have used apps like Venmo for this.) Checks should be written to the school (NOT Tattered Cover -- any that are will be returned tot he school and the school will still be responsible for the book sold), as the school will keep all the money that comes in for the book fair. At the end of the book fair, Tattered Cover and a school rep will tally what is left and Tattered Cover will generate an invoice for the school. Since the school will be paying this invoice, there is no tax on the books sold.

Will books in Spanish be available?
Tattered Cover is able to provide a wide selection of both Spanish and bilingual books, depending on availabiltiy. You can discuss this preference at your initial organizational meeting.

What is the general cost of the books?
Most books at the fair will be paperbacks that cost between $3.99 and $9.99. We are able to provide a selections of hardcover books that cost a bit more but will work with your school to decide which titles are right for you.

Students love the gadgets, toys, posters, etc. at book fairs. What non-book material comes with Tattered Cover book fairs?
Although the book fair will primarily include literature, we are also able to provide items such as journals, activity books, games, and educational toys. We can work with your school to decide how many of these items you wish to sell.

Do you have a day that the book fair is not open, but students can still walk through so that they can have an idea of what they want?
We can certainly offer a day for students to browse the book fair and create Wish Lists.

Will my school make any money?
Yes! Your school will receive a generous cut of the proceeds that is competitive with what Scholastic has to offer. Plus, we can look into scheduling an author visit during the book fair at no charge to your school. Please see grid above for the percentages.

School Requirements

Any school that hosts a book fair through Tattered Cover must agree to the following: (See Book Fair Contract here.)

  • The school must host one evening event for families during the book fair (parent-teacher conferences, choir concert, sports game, band performance, literacy night, play/musical, etc.)
  • The school will collect all money from the book fair and will keep it. Tattered Cover will invoice the school after the book fair.
  • The school will provide volunteers to be at the book fair during it's opening hours as well as to ring up all sales
  • All books will be kept in a locked room when the school is not open (i.e. the library, a classroom)
  • The school is responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen books
  • The school will walk through the book fair before opening and after closing to count inventory with a Tattered Cover staff member
  • Other requirements may be added before your book fair. Please check back!