Back 2 School Books by Grade Level


Recommended book list by grade level to get your kids started
off on the right foot this coming school year!




Chu’s First Day of School
by Neil Gaiman & Adam Rex 

► Chu has never been to school before and he is worried.  Will the other students be nice? 
Will they like him?  Will he get to do what he does best?  So fun and so reassuring.


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All Are Welcome
by Alexandra Penfold & Suzanne Kaufman


► This is a story of school as a kind, welcoming community regardless of differences.  It is a joyous expression of inclusivity.

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Harry Versus the First 100 Days of School
by Emily Jenkins & Pete Oswald

► Harry is a bundle of nerves about first grade and his journey through the first 100 days of school is
presented in 19 short chapters with funny spot-on illustrations.  Harry wins!!


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The Day You Begin
by Jacqueline Woodson and Rafael Lopez

► The day you begin school is the day you share your own story and others with their own stories will meet you halfway. 
These colorful illustrations show that school can be quite beautiful.


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Alvin Ho Allergic to Girls, School, and Other Scary Things
by Lenore Look and LeUyen Pham

► Alvin Ho is afraid of everything and he never, ever talks at school. 
He works through his fears and his silences in funny and innovative ways.


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Ways to Make Sunshine
by Renee Watson

► Ryan Hart tries hard to be good in school and at home ~ she is creative and meets
challenges with a mostly happy, glowing spirit.


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One Crazy Summer
by Rita Williams-Garcia

► Delphine has quite the summer at a day camp in California run by the Black Panthers.  She tells her story and returns to school in Brooklyn as a much different person.

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Al Capone Does My Shirts
by Gennifer Choldenko

► 12-year-old Moose’s dad takes a job at Alcatraz and the family moves there in 1935. 
Moose has to deal with a new school, a sister who needs help, and criminals nearby.  A fast-paced fun read!


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All’s Faire in Middle School
by Victoria Jamieson

► Imogene is starting middle school and she is coming from a homeschool environment.  Her family is involved in the Renaissance Fair community and she brings that spirit to school ~ not your ordinary student.

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Eleanor & Park
by Rainbow Rowell

► Set over one school year in 1986, this book tells the story of first-time love for two misfits.

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The Interestings
by Meg Wolitzer

► Six teenagers meet at summer camp and deem themselves “The Interestings”.  After camp, they go back to school and onto lives where class, art, money and power continue to give them interesting status.

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