Available ARCs

These Advanced Reading Copies are available ONLY to current Denver Metro area educators

and you must be approved in order to receive them.

Before a new book comes out, the publisher will print Advanced Reading Copies -- or ARCs, or galleys. These are sent to booksellers across the country as well as industry and media folk in hopes they will buy them for their bookstores, get excited about them and get some press to excite the industry and reading communities. Tattered Cover is very fortunate to not only receive single copies of these books, but often several copies of one title the publisher is especially excited about.

With our siginificant outreach to schools, we're able to provide these to book groups and classrooms as a free resource. In exchange, you must commit to having the group/classes actually read the book in a reasonable amount of time and provide feedback and reviews to the publisher, via Tattered Cover. These go VERY quickly, as you can imagine, but we're always adding more titles. Quantities and titles subject to change. If you're interetsed in any of the below titles, please email Kristen Gilligan.

Please include:

  • Your name 
  • The name of your school
  • The location of your school
  • A list of the title(s) you're interested in
  • Which Tattered Cover location would be most convenient for you to pick them up.


Once approved, you'll get instructions on what to say when you pick them.

Please note that these books aren't to fill your classroom libraries arbitrarily, they're given to us by the publishers in hopes that you'll use them in the classroom to teach, use them for a school book group, etc. and provide feedback and reviews to Kristen Gilligan. Please limit your selection to a handful of titles. About a bagful is typical.

RULES: You absolutely CANNOT sell them. (If we find that they've been sold, you can no longer recieve ARCs from us.) You cannot quote from them. They are yours to keep: add them to the school's library for check-out, classroom libraries, etc. Or, return them so another school has an opportunity to read them.

You can also say "Surprise Me!" and I'll put a bag of ARCs together for you. :) We have a bunch of single titles that aren't on the below list. Just let me know which grades/school type.

Many schools put up a display in their library explaining what they are and why they're awesome... No one has read them before! Here are some photos of those displays:







How to Write a Book Review for Tattered Cover

Reviews should be between 40-60 words. Write 1-2 sentences on what the book is about, then another 1-2 sentences on why you loved it/why you think others will love it. If it works, please also say something like, "If you liked xxx book, you'll love this one." or "If you love xxx author, you'll love this one." Please only write reviews for books you loved and are passionate about. Please send your review in an email to Kristen Gilligan. We publish them on our website on the book's page, create shelf talkers in our stores and send the review to the publisher.


Lots of single titles are available... too many to list here! They'll be in the "Surprise Me" bag.

TEEN/YA TITLES (Grades 9 & Up):                

(Keep scrolling down for UPPER ELEMENTARYY/MIDDLE GRADE & MIDDLE SCHOOL titles.)

Before I Let Go by Marieke Nijkamp (15 copies)



Period: Twelve Voices Tell the Bloody Truth (4 copies)



Spindrift and the Orchid by Emma Trevayne (10 copies)