August 2021 Books of The Month


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The Night Walk 
by Marie Dorleans  


► Join this family as they walk together through the sleepy and beautifully-lit world en route to the glory of day break.


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by Katie Kitamura


► Quiet stories about brutal violence and translation, told in devastatingly beautiful language. Kitamura’s writing is delicate and powerful and full of sentences I found myself sending to friends as I read. This novel is in turns haunting and tense, full of intimate thoughts which don't often reach our lips.


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Better to Have Gone: Love, Death, and the Quest for Utopia in Auroville
by Akash Kapur

► One of my favorite lines from Akash Kapur's BETTER TO HAVE GONE is "there's a fine line between utopia and dystopia." This beautiful and at times perplexing true story reads like a novel, full of history about Auroville, an intentional community in Southern India and inhabited by people from all over the world. But the desire for utopia does not always lead to perfection, and the community struggles through a period of tribalism and division. The author and his wife, Auralice, who both grew up in Auroville and returned as adults, have written and researched this fascinating history of the community and the deaths of Auralice's mother and step-father. 

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Grand Dishes
by Iska Lupton and Anastasia Miari


►GRAND DISHES celebrates the time-honed cooking traditions of grandmothers around the world.  The recipes are soul-satisfying, the stories are engrossing, and the fun of being with "gran" in the kitchen immense.


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