ABA Announces New Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee Members

ABA Announces New Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee Members


Nine booksellers have been selected to join the American Booksellers Association’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee (DEIC), which serves as a sounding board and advisory council on issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, representation, and access facing the bookselling industry and ABA.


A HUGE Congratulations to our very own Lodo location store manager, Derek Holland, for being chosen as one of the nine booksellers selected to join the ABA Diversity, Equity & inclusion Committee.

Derek has worked with Tattered Cover since 1989 (omg)!  Derek is compassionate, helpful, funny (and fun to be around), a leader, creative, understanding, (we could really go on forever) but most of all, Derek is so kind to everyone, always. 

I, personally, have witnessed Derek keep his cool in situations that would make even Ghandi flustered.  

I have felt honored to work with a person of such high caliber such as Derek and all of us at Tattered Cover are very much looking forward to witnessing Derek's strides towards further growth and understanding as he makes our industry even greater!  

Congratulations, Derek! 





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