25 Book Minimum

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Why the 25 Book Minimum?

Although the extravagant speaking fees are waived when working through Tattered Cover, we do have a 25 Book Minimum. This does NOT mean the schools has to buy all the books! This helps cover costs for setting the visits up. In order to create a magical, stress-free author visit, there's a lot of logistical work that Tattered Cover does, so the school doesn't have to do it! We make the visit as easy as possible for the school so they can focus  on the experience itself. For Title 1 Schools, the minimum is reduced to 10 copies.

This does NOT mean the schools has to buy all the books! Schools rarely have an issue meeting this minimum. Tattered Cover offers unique systems and opportunities to help you meet this. We make sure the hosting schools have the author's books at least a week before the visit and the school can keep them for about a week after the visit. Tattered Cover also creates a personalized Order Form, which also acts as an advertising flyer, too. This allows maximum time for the schools community to purchase books. Plus, Tattered Cover creates a special webpage on our website for the school community to place orders online. We also provide a list of How do I prepare for the Author Visit? Or, how to get the school excited! (scroll down to the section with this same heading.) The more excitement you build for this, the better the experience and the more invested students become. Book sales tend to be much higher when the school builds this excitement.  

Many times, the school will buy a couple copies for the library; teachers will want personal copies -- plus a copy for the classroom, which is often used to help prep the students for the visit and get them excited; the PTO/PTA will often buy a couple copies to give away as prizes and/or some for those families who cannot afford a book. With just those sales, you're well on your way already! 

You'd be surprised how often we hear that schools who were so sure there was no way they sell ANY books and that they'd end up being responsible for them; they not only sold the 25 minimum -- they sold more than that! 

And, you're supporting a local business -- and independent bookstore, owned by people who live in this community and have young children currently attending these same schools. You're bringing a powerfully unmatched literary experience to your students they'll remember forever. You're not paying the high speaking fees, which usually range in the thousands of dollars. And, you're getting students excited about reading! 

We look forward to working with you and bringing these incredible experiences to students.