2018 Colorado Teen Book Con

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What is the Colorado Teen Book Con?

Founded by the Tattered Cover Book Store in 2016, this is a full day event witha keynote presentation, a bunch of author panels, and a big author signing party at the end of the day. And food trucks. Of course, food trucks. Books will be for sale throughout the day. This event is free, and is open exclusively to teens, but you must register. Registration is now open!

Friday, November 2, 2018

YA Author Happy Hour (Adults only; 21+ there's alcohol)
Tattered Cover Colfax (2526 East Colfax Avenue) from 7pm - 8:30pm
Parking: There is a huge, free parking garage next to the store. Also, street parking. 
Registration: Register Now for the YA Author Happy Hour!

Registration for the SPECIAL LUNCHTIME SESSIONS is now open! Be quick -- super limited space!

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Colorado Teen Book Con
All day at Littleton High School (199 East Littleton Blvd, Littleton, CO 80121)
Parking: There is plenty of parking around the school. It's free. Please enter through the main entrance of the school and check in. Registration: Register Now for the Colorado Teen Book Con!

DOWNLOADABLE EVENT FLYER/POSTER to help share the event!

YA Author Happy Hour

Friday, November 2, 2018 at Tattered Cover Colfax (2526 East Colfax Avenue) from 7pm - 8:30pm (NOTE: *This event is 21+ only; there's alcohol.)

The Colorado Teen Book Con is exclusively for teens, but don't fret -- we have something very special for you! 

The night before the Colorado Teen Book Con, these same authors are joining us for a private, adults-only author party. This is your chance to meet and mingle with your favorite YA authors, get a book (or two, or five) signed, and meet other adult readers of YA fiction. We even close the store! Libations and party food provided. The authors' books will be available for purchase. Your event ticket cost includes a $10 coupon towards the purchase of one of these books that evening! You must be 21 or older to attend, and ID will be required. The bookstore will be closed for this very exclusive event, so a ticket is required. This event is limited to 300 attendees and sells out FAST. Please be sure to get your ticket as soon as possible!

$25 per person (Your event ticket cost includes a $10 coupon towards the purchase of one of the 2018 Colorado Teen Book Con author's books that evening!) Registration: Register Now!

Volunteer Opportunities for Current School Educators

The Colorado Teen Book Con is open only to teens. However, if you're a current Denver Metro area school educator in a middle school or high school, we have volunteer opportunities! You'll get to see most of the program this way, too.

Volunteering will include things like room minders, help at the registration/welcome desk, help with line management at the book signing, etc. Things along those lines. We have a limited number of spaces open for Educator Volunteers. Register Now!

Be a Chaperone and Bring a Group of Students

While teens can register individually, we wanted to give current school educators and librarians an opportunity to bring teens. Whether a book club, writing club, or some other gathering of literary students, we know that some of you would like to bring groups of kids. 

To be eligible to be a chaperone, you must bring at least 5 students.

TO REGISTER: You can use the regular registration form. If you don't know the names of the students yet, you can use "TBD" in the First Name AND Last Name fields, but please only secure places for the students you are confident will attend. We expect this event to be fully subscribed. (We're capping attendance at 500.)

And of course, feel free to promote the 2018 Colorado Teen Book Con to your students. We'll also have a fun PDF soon that you can print and post.

Food Trucks

A list of the Food Trucks and their menus will be available soon for the 2018 Colorado Teen Book Con. The trucks will be parked outside the school's cafeteria. Lunch will be from 12:30pm - 1:45pm. We ask that you allow the attendees of the two special lunchtime session go first so they make it to the sessions on time. They'll have their confirmation for these sessions and that will be their "go to the front of the line" pass. We've asked them to arrive at 12:15pm (or earlier) to get their lunch. Thanks for understanding! And, don't forget to eat!

Please note: Littleton High School has generously made their space available to us. They have a hard rule about no food or drink in any of the meeting rooms and theatre. However, hallways, the cafeteria and outside are fair game. It's important to follow this rule -- so we can be respectful of their space. Please also clean up after yourselves.

List of Food Trucks (We'll be adding them and their menus as we confirm them.)

  • California Wrap Runner: MENU
  • Chibby Wibbitz Sliderz n Bites: MENU
  • Dank Dogs: No menu availavle - it changes daily, but it's basically an impressive array of hot dogs, including vegetarian/vegan options.
  • Farm to Table: MENU
  • Mac 'N Noodles: MENU
  • Rocky Mountain Cheesery: MENU
  • Skadi's Food Truck: MENU


The bookstore will be open throughout the day. All of the 2018 authors' books and some of their older titles will be available for sale. Get your books before the Great Big Book Signing at the end of the day! We'll also be selling a small selection of gifts and Tattered Cover merchandise plus our limited edition 2018 Teen Book Con tee shirts! (Tee shirt supplies are limited.) NOTE: To helpkeep this event free, it's important to buy some books!


Social Media

Please help us get the Colorado Teen Book Con going on social media! Please use #COTeenCon, #tatteredcover and @tatteredcover. Tag the authors, too! This helps in a variety of ways, including letting the publishers know what their authors are up to and that sending them was money well spent! (The publishers pay for their travel expenses.)

Countdown Email #1


Download a Schedule & Map here.

8:30am - 5pm

8am - 9:30am: Bookstore open (Really, it's open all day. We're opening a little earlier this year, but check-in still begins at 8:30am) NORTH GYM Upper Level
8:30am - 9:30am: Check-In at Welcome/Registration Desk MAIN LOBBY
9:30am – 10:30am: Author Introductions & Opening Keynote AUDITORIUM
10:30am – 10:45am: BREAK (Bookstore open; NORTH GYM Upper Level)
10:45am – 11:30am: Breakout Panels #1 (Choose 1 of 4 panels) PANEL #1: AUDITORIUM, PANEL #2: LIBRARY, PANEL #3: FORUM, PANEL #4: NORTH GYM; PANEL #5: SOUTH GYM
11:30am – 11:45am: BREAK (Bookstore open; NORTH GYM Upper Level)
11:45am – 12:30pm: Breakout Panels #2 (Choose 1 of 4 panels) PANEL #1: AUDITORIUM, PANEL #2: LIBRARY, PANEL #3: FORUM, PANEL #4: NORTH GYM; PANEL #5: SOUTH GYM
12:15pm – 12:30pm: SPECIAL SESSION ATTENDEES ONLY (Bonus Session Attendees get lunch first!)

12:30pm – 1:45pm: LUNCH – Food Trucks (Bookstore open) CAFETERIA & OUTSIDE 
12:30pm – 12:45pm: SPECIAL SESSION ATTENDEES ONLY (Bonus Session Attendees get lunch first!)
12:45pm – 1:45pm: SPECIAL SESSION #1: Behind the Scenes: How Your Favorite Authors Went From Laptop to Bookstore with THREE! Literary Agents (This is a registeration ONLY event with limited seats available. There will be a waiting list!) ROOM 1317
12:45pm – 1:45pm: SPECIAL SESSION #2 with JASON REYNOLDS (This is a registeration ONLY event with limited seats available. There will be a waiting list!) ROOM 1327 

12:45pm - 1:45pm: SPECIAL SESSION #3 with LAINI TAYLOR (This is a registeration ONLY event with limited seats available. There will be a waiting list!) ROOM 1329

1:45pm – 2:30pm: Breakout Panels #3 (Choose 1 of 4 panels) PANEL #1: AUDITORIUM, PANEL #2: LIBRARY, PANEL #3: FORUM, PANEL #4: NORTH GYM; PANEL #5: SOUTH GYM
2:30pm – 2:45pm: BREAK (Bookstore open; NORTH GYM Upper Level)
2:45pm - 3:45pm: Closing Keynote AUDITORIUM
4pm – 5pm: Great Big Book Signing (Bookstore open) NORTH GYM

Panels & Authors

KEYNOTE #1: Jason Reynolds, with For Every One






KEYNOTE #2: Laini Taylor, with Muse of Nightmares

Author Panelists

PANEL #1: YOUNG LOVE  Location: Auditorium
From summer romance, to navigating love in a close-minded community, these authors will tackle the issue of writing characters who are falling in and out (and sometimes back in) of love.  

















PANEL #2: JOB & FAMILY Location: Library
Readers gravitate toward books that will help them with certain things, such as navigating their first job and dealing with their family: two major places where time is spent. Join these authors as they discuss why they chose to tell such stories and learn how they crafted such a strong sense of place.

















PANEL #3: ALL THE FEELS Location: Forum
Some books tug on our emotions in unforgettable ways. These authors talk about their approach writing characters and stories that evoke tension, and make us feel down to the core of our being.















This panel of skilled novelists will discuss how they use technology (from social media and robots, to hackers and teenage spies) and how it affects their story-lines.

















PANEL #5: FANTASY WORLDS  Location: South Gym
Novels often take us to places we’ve never imagined. Sometimes it’s a newly-imagined world, and sometimes it’s an internal landscape in coping with situations never imagined. Hear how these writers avoided the pitfalls of fantasy tropes, and found the inspiration to create carefully-constructed, eminently believable realms.


















There is limited space and they fill up super fast. REGISTER NOW!

THREE very special and exclusive lunchtime panels! These panels require separate registration from the Colorado Teen Book Con and are limited to small audiences. In order to register, you MUST already be registered for the Colorado Teen Book Con. If you haven't done that yet, please do so here:  Reservations will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. It's fine to eat your lunch during the panel; you'll have fifteen minutes to buy it from the food trucks before the panel starts, or bring your own lunch.

These panels are concurrent, SO PLEASE REGISTER FOR ONLY ONE. Attendees registering for more than one panel will have their registrations invalidated.

SPECIAL SESSION #1: Behind the Scenes: How Your Favorite Authors Went From Laptop to Bookstore with THREE! Literary Agents

Join three national literary agents as they chat with aspiring authors and readers interested in the path of a book to talk about what an agent does and answer audience questions. Learn what a literary agent is, what one does exactly, why authors need one, and where an agent fits into the publishing game. Hear about some of their successful clients, whether they were slush pile finds, referrals, friends, or writers in other genres. Learn about how the normal process of querying works, how to find a literary agent, how a manuscript gets to a publisher, and how in ends up in bookstores across the nation -- and the world, like Tattered Cover.

Kristin Nelson, Literary Agent and founder of the Nelson Literary Agency, Denver, CO

"Being an avid reader practically since birth, I’m equally happy reading a Pulitzer prize-winning literary novel for my book club as I am reading a sexy historical-romance. I established Nelson Literary Agency, LLC, in 2002 and over the last decade+ of my career, I’ve represented over thirty-five New York Times bestselling titles and many USA Today bestsellers. Although I’m a very nice Midwesterner, I’ve heard through the grapevine that editors call me “a hard-working bulldog agent that will fight for you.” What a compliment! When not busy selling books, I’m quite sporty. I attempt to play tennis and golf. I also love playing Bridge (where I’m the youngest person in the club). On weekends my husband Brian and I can be found in the mountains hiking with our 13-year old rat terrier, Chutney."

Kate Schafer Testerman, Literary Agent and founder of kt literary, Highlands Ranch, CO

After a dozen years working in publishing in New York City, Kate moved to Colorado and formed kt literary in early 2008, where she concentrates on middle grade and young adult fiction. Bringing to bear the experience of being part of a large agency, she enjoys all aspects of working with her authors, offering hands-on experience, personal service, and a surfeit of optimism. Kate is a graduate of the University of Delaware’s Honors Program, a former cast member of the New York Renaissance Faire, and an avid collector of shoes, bags, children, and dogs. Her interests cover a broad range including contemporary drama, urban fantasy and magical realism, adventure stories, and romantic comedies.

Sandra Bond, Literary Agent and founder of Bond Literary Agency, Denver, CO

Sandra started her agency in Denver in 1998 and worked part-time for 12 years while raising her kids and then working as the program administrator at the University of Denver's Publishing Institute, where she is now an annual guest lecturer. She earned a degree in microbiology from the University of Colorado, Boulder, despite the fact she always wanted to work in publishing and would rather read than do just about anything. And guess what? She graduated from Littleton High School in ... nevermind. Sandra and associate agent Becky LeJeune work with both first-time and previously-published authors, and their clients write adult fiction in various genres, young adult fiction, and many categories of nonfiction. 

SPECIAL SESSION #2: Jason Reynolds:  Jason will discuss the making of Long Way Down and why he chooses to write tough stuff for teens.

SPECIAL SESSION #3: Laini Taylor