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TC Gift Cards

Tattered Cover Gift Cards are available in any amount and make great gifts or rewards for any occasion. So give "the gift of a browse at Tattered Cover." Our 4 beautiful new designs, with card backings that fold to look like old books, make unique gifts that fit neatly into Christmas stockings. But if your booklover lives far away, cheer up! There's no shipping charge to have one sent, and our gift cards are as good as gold in any TC store or at TC online. Best of all, you can take care of it right here, right now, with a just few clicks (add one to your own TC wishlist while you're at it). Click here to purchase online or to add one to your own wishlist and send someone a the hint.
TC Tees

Tattered Cover Free Speech t-shirt Unisex short sleeved with Tattered Cover logo on the back. $15.95

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Mugs and Coffee Items

Tattered Cover Mug with the Eat Sleep Read Phrenology Head on one side and the Reader's Bill of Rights on the other side, in a variety of colors: dark green, black, blue, lavender and bubble gum pink. $12.95




Tattered Cover Baseball Cap, One Size Fits All. Assorted Colors. $12.95

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Book Bags and Grocery Totes

Tattered Cover Chicobag designed to stuff into an integrated stuff pouch when not in use, allowing the entire bag to fit easily in your pocket. The pouch features a carabiner so your bag can be clipped anywhere. Made of machine washable, durable polyester and complete with a 25 pound carrying capacity and two convenient handles, the TC Chicobag is the ideal reusable bag to take to the grocery store or farmers' market. $6.95

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Light Chamber Pen, with the Tattered Cover logo on it, has a built-in illumination system and a light reflecting chamber with LED light that allows a more even illumination and reduced shadow.

Tattered Cover Lip Balm Now this is a great literary stocking stuffer! Because who in Colorado doesn't suffer for the dry mile-high air? $2.50 each

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