Welcome Authors of the Rocky Mountains!

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The Benefits of Consignment

Our consignment program is focused on local authors and small local publishers.

Consignment enables us to:
- give local titles more visibility
- keep more books in stock
- provide our customers with a more diverse selection
- support our local literary community
- assist new authors with the business of their books

Here's How Consignment Works:

1. Your book must first meet our standards and be approved by our staff representative. Once it is approved for the consignment program, a $30 administrative fee will be charged. This fee allows our staff to continue providing individualized service to the hundreds of authors and publishers we support through the program each year.

2. The first consignment term lasts for 90 days. At the end of the first term the sales of the title are reviewed to determine future placement in the Tattered Cover's ordering process. Your book may be renewed on consignment or returned, depending on its sales.

3. The terms of consignment are as follows: 40% of your title's retail price will be retained by the Tattered Cover in sales, and 60% will be paid to you, the consignor. Tattered Cover assumes no responsibility for delivery or return costs, nor for items abandoned by the consignor upon termination of this agreement. Tattered Cover is not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen consignment items.

4. We value high quality and excellence in the products we provide to our customers. Submission materials that exhibit such high quality in form and presentation will be strongly considered for sale in our stores. Conversely, materials that are replete with errors and do not include contact information, or that are not otherwise presented in a clean, professional manner will not be considered. 

5.  Your book must be approved by the store before it can be consigned for sale at our locations. The local author coordinator will contact you following review of your book to guide you through the sale process. Please allow at least two weeks for review of your book.

Submission Guidelines

Industry and Customer Standards for Finished Books:

- professionally published
- Title and author's name printed on a bound spine, no exceptions
- International Standard Book Number (ISBN) on cover
- barcode and suggested retail price printed on cover
- dimensions common to current trade publications for hardback/paperback books

For Publishers:

- provide purchasing information with the review copy that includes:
- publisher-determined suggested retail price
- returns information
- publisher contact information (name, address, phone number,website and e-mail)
If your book meets the minimum industry and customer standards listed above, please deliver a finished copy of your book for review to the Colfax Avenue Tattered Cover Book Store (2526 East Colfax Avenue at Elizabeth Street) or mail it to:
Tattered Cover Book Store
Attn: Local Author Coordinator
2526 East Colfax Avenue
Denver, CO 80206


When delivering a review copy, please include a cover letter which includes all of your contact information: e-mail, mailing address, and phone number.

NOTE: These guidelines are for local authors only. (Local is defined as full-time—year round—residents of Colorado. An exception is made for authors of nonfiction that is specifically about Colorado or some aspect of Colorado.) 

Fair Notice: If you leave multiple copies of your book at any store without prior approval and no standing order, the Tattered Cover assumes no responsibility for lost property. Here's why: Your book must first be ordered and processed. Unprocessed books can easily become lost because we have no way to track them. Be sure to drop off or deliver your review copy to the Local Author Coordinator (when delivering in person, go to the cash counter/reserve desk at the Colfax Avenue location at 2526 East Colfax Avenue when delivering a review copy). This will ensure efficient processing of your book.


How can I schedule a book signing, book launch, or other event? The Tattered Cover has a dedicated events staff that organizes and schedules author events. Typically, a self-published or independently published title must be available in our stores before it can be considered for an event. With rare exception, our store-sponsored events are scheduled at least two months in advance. 

Can you help me name a price for my book? We will gladly sell your book at whatever price you name. We do not dictate or influence pricing for our vendors.

Will the Tattered Cover display my book? The Tattered Cover has installed displays for the Rocky Mountain Authors Program at our Colfax Avenue and Historic LoDo locations. Titles on these displays are rotated regularly, to give all Rocky Mountain Authors a chance to be prominently displayed on the sales floor. In addition, consignment books are shelved in their proper sections to allow booksellers and customers ease of access in locating titles.

The Tattered Cover sold a copy of my book. When do I get paid? the Tattered Cover is able to pay consignment participants for complete invoices only. We are not able to pay for individual products or book copies. If an invoice contains 9 books, we issue payment when all 9 books have sold and when the consignor is due for a sales review (every 90 days).

Still Have Questions? Contact the local author coordinator at