Welcome Colorado Self-Published Authors!

The Colorado Author Consignment Program is on temporary hiatus.

Thank you for your interest in the Colorado Author Consignment Program. The program will continue to be on hiatus until the beginning of February. In the meantime, here is some general information about bringing your self-published book into the Tattered Cover.

Basic Requirements
- Your Book must have the author name and title on the spine
- Your book must have an ISBN
- It must be no older than three months
- You must live in the state of Colorado

What Now?
If your book meets every basic requirement above, you may qualify for placement in our program. We read every book that we consider before making our decision, and look for the following in newly self-published books:

- Grammar mistakes and typos must be minimal if not completely absent
- Cover design must be presentable and well thought out
- Page design must be presentable and well thought out
- Illustrations and photos must be well placed, and well drawn/designed
- We will be taking content and the quality of writing into consideration

If you believe your book will qualify, we will be happy to consider it. You must compose a letter essentially “pitching” your book with sales history (if you have any at this point), reviews, and a brief description of the book and yourself.

Please email your letter to our Consignment Buyer at authorinquiries@tatteredcover.com. Please DO NOT send or deliver a review copy until we have requested one from you. If the copy was not requested, it will not be accepted or considered. Good luck with your publishing endeavors. We look forward to hearing from you!



Is it still possible to print my books with the Tattered Cover Press?

We no longer have our Espresso Book Machine. There are resources listed under the Tattered Cover Press on our website so you can still design and print your book.

I published my book while the program was on hiatus. Will it still be considered?

We understand that the hiatus is long, and will make it difficult for authors to stick to the 3 month requirement. We will be accepting titles older than 3 months for the first month after we relaunch the program. After that, we will only be accepting titles that are 3 months old or newer.

Can I schedule an event?

The Consignment Department does not schedule events, even for authors in the program. You can click on the link below for more information on scheduling and holding in-store events.

Tattered Cover Author Event Requirements 

What does consignment mean? Are there other options?

If your book is distributed by  Ingram, Baker & Taylor or a publisher with whom Tattered Cover has an ongoing relationship, and available at standard Trade terms and returnable, we can help you contact our Frontlist Buyers. 

If you join our Colorado Author Consignment Program, you will sign a contract allowing 3-6 months of shelf-space for your title. The contract can be extended by our Buyer. It may also be terminated by either party at any time. We will pay you 60% of the retail price for every copy sold, either when an invoice has sold out, or at the end of your contract. You will be responsible for picking up any books that do not sell when the contract expires or is terminated. You will work directly with our Consignment Buyer to keep track of sales, and fill orders.