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Compound Fractures by Stephen White

"Following the cliffhanger of Line of Fire, Compound Fractures completes the final story of Boulder psychologist Alan Gregory, who was introduced in 1991's Privileged Information. I was delighted to receive an advance copy, so that I could continue the gripping conclusion to a series that I've followed since the beginning. I thought the first two books were quite entertaining, but the third one, Higher Authority, convinced me that this series was going to be something remarkable..." ~Hank

Joyland by Stephen King

"In a nod to his fondness for the pulp paperbacks of his childhood, [Joyland] is currently only available as an actual book–what a concept!...a great Stephen King book for people who think they don't like Stephen King books...heartbreakingly universal." ~Hank

Cemetery Lake by Paul Cleave

"I decided to pick up this example of New Zealand noir and give it a try. In spite of another book I'm very excited to read coming my way in the middle of it, Cemetery Lake was compelling enough that I wanted to keep reading and find out how the story would end." ~Hank

NOS4A2 by Joe Hill

"...a spectacularly exciting ride, by bicycle, creepy Rolls-Royce, and motorcycle....Vic McQueen, a little girl with an otherworldly knack for finding lost things, is the only child ever to have survived the clutches of serial kidnapper/killer. The good characters, none more than Vic herself, are flawed and dysfunctional, though in a generally sympathetic way that makes them more interesting and endearing....It's all in good fun, and why not?" ~Hank


Poison Flower by Thomas Mitchell

 "I have followed the story of Perry's character Jane Whitefield since receiving a promotional copy of the first novel, Vanishing Act. Four more books in succession fulfilled a contract, and he went on to write other books, so now it's a treat when he decides he has something more to tell us about Jane's life. She's unlike any other thriller protagonist I've ever encountered..." ~Hank


The Burn Palace by Stephen Dobyns 

"Saying too much about the plot would spoil the fun of the many twists and turns it takes before the satisfying conclusion, but it won't hurt to explain that the title is an irreverent nickname for the local crematorium." ~Hank


Joni: The Creative Odyssey of Joni Mitchell by Katherine Monk

"The anecdotal content revisited some stories I knew about Mitchell, reminded me of ones I'd forgotten, and revealed ones I hadn't heard...I'd recommend it both to fans of Mitchell's music and to people who casually want to know a little more [about her]." ~Hank


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