Animal Land 3 (Paperback)

By Makoto Raiku, Stephen Paul (Translator), Janice Chiang (Contribution by)
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Orphaned after her parents were killed by Lynxes, Monoko is the only tanuki (raccoon dog) in her village without a family, until she finds a human baby in a river. In Animal Land, a world inhabited solely by animals, this human child is a mystery. This baby is Monoko's only chance at having a family and she is determined to raise the human child as her own. Animal Land is a quirky story about Monoko and the mysterious human baby.
After seven years, Taroza is now a growing boy leading an entire village of animals, cultivating and harvesting all manner of fruits and vegetables. But this ragtag group of herbivores looks like easy pickings to an invating pride of lion Can Taroza guide his friends to safety through careful planning? And... is that a human girl leading those lions?
This volume of Animal Land includes special extras after the story.

About the Author

Makoto Raiku was born in Japan's Gifu prefecture and made hiMakoto Raiku was born in Japan's Gifu prefecture and made his manga debut in 1991 with "Bird Man." He won Shogakukan's 4s manga debut in 1991 with "Bird Man." He won Shogakukan's 48th Manga Taisho award with "Konjiki no Gasshu!!" ("Zatch Be8th Manga Taisho award with "Konjiki no Gasshu!!" ("Zatch Bell!"). ll!").

Stephen Paul has recently retired as Director of The Centre for Psychological Therapies at Leeds Metropolitan University after 20 years of service. He is a client-centred psychotherapist. He is co-editor of The Therapeutic Relationship: Themes and Perspectives (PCCS, 2008) and The Therapeutic Relationship Handbook: Theory and (McGraw-Hill /OUP,2014). Stephen was instrumental in developing a Relational Approach to Therapy with Geoff Pelham (1999).. He has worked extensively in both adult and child & adolescent psychiatry. He has been head of a therapeutic school and was Director of the VSO programme in Bhutan. Stephen now writes, practises therapy, supervision and coaching, and provides training.

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ISBN: 9781935429159
ISBN-10: 1935429159
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Publication Date: December 20th, 2011
Pages: 191
Language: English