The Austrian Army 1740-80 (3): Specialist Troops (Paperback)

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Until at least the latter years of Maria Theresa's reign, the Austrian artillery was acknowledged to be second to none in Europe; and it must have been no coincidence that Jean Baptiste de Gribeauval, who went on and so radically reformed the French artillery after he became inspector of artillery in 1776, had spent the Seven Years' War (1756-1763) on attachment to the Austrian army from the French. In this last of three volumes Men-at arms 271 & 276], Philip Haythornwaite does a first class job of examining the composition and uniforms of these and other specialist troops of the Austrian army 1740-80, including the artillery units, engineers, Grenz, Jagers and medical troops.

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Philip Haythornthwaite is an author and historical consultant specialising in the military history, uniforms and equipment of the 18th and 19th centuries. His main area of research covers the Napoleonic Wars. He has written some 40 books, including more than 20 Osprey titles, and innumerable articles and papers on military history - but still finds time to indulge in his other great passion, cricket.
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Publication Date: March 13th, 1995
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