Doglands (Paperback)

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Furgul, a puppy born in a slave camp for racing greyhounds, has a terrible secret--he is himself only part greyhound. When the cruel owner of the camp recognizes Furgul's impure origins he takes Furgul to be killed, but Furgal manages a spectacular escape. Now Furgul must confront the indifference, complexity, warmth, and ferocity of the greater world, a world in which there seem to be two choices: live the comfortable life of a pet and sacrifice freedom or live the life of a free dog, glorious but also dangerous, in which every man will turn his hand against you.
In the best tradition of "The Call of the Wild" and "Watership Down, " novelist Tim Willocks offers his first tale for young adults, an allegorical examination of human life through a dog's eyes, infused with heart, heroism, and the mysteries of the spirit.
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ISBN: 9781849393980
Publisher: Andersen Press
Publication Date: January 1st, 2012