North American Indian Tribes of the Great Lakes (Paperback)

By Michael G. Johnson, Martin Windrow (Editor), Jonathan Smith (Illustrator)
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The Great Lakes were the main arena for the fur trade in colonial North America, which drew European explorers and trappers deep into the northern USA and Canada from the 17th century onwards. The desire to control the supply of this luxury item sparked wars between Britain and France, as well as conflicts between rival tribes and the newly formed United States of America, which continued until 1840.
The main tribes of the area were the Huron, Dakota, Sauk and Fox, Miami and Shawnee. All were drawn into the conflicts throughout the Great Lakes region during the French-Indian War (1754-1763), as well as the American Revolution. These conflicts culminated in Black Hawk's War of 1832, as Native American tribes attempted to resist the loss of their lands to white settlers in what is now Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin. The defeat of these tribes forever altered the climate of the central American states.
This new addition to Osprey's coverage of Native American tribes details the growth of the fur trade in the Great Lakes area, the various skirmishes, battles and wars that were fought to control this vital trade and important trade area. With specially-commissioned plates, as well as photographs of locations and/or artifacts where available, expert author Michael Johnson also details the lives and material culture - including clothing, equipment and weaponry - of the local tribes themselves before their circumstances were irrevocably altered.

About the Author

Martin Windrow is an English military historian and a long-time commissioning and art editor for Osprey Publishing. He is the author of numerous books of military history, including "The Last Valley", a distinguished history of the French defeat in Vietnam. He lives in the Sussex Downs country of southern England.

Praise For…

"The author examines tribal groups broken down by language, intertribal relationships,
the Indians’ religion and their material culture in terms of clothing, equipment and weaponry. In addition, some notable personalities are profiled ... this 48-page book is chock full of interesting information complemented by photographic re-creations, illustrations, maps and full-color plates created by Jonathan Smith." -Toy Soldier & Model Figure (August 2011)

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