Framing a Legend: Exposing the Distorted History of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings (Hardcover)

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A penetrating critical perspective on the question of Thomas Jefferson's paternity that will make you rethink recent conventional wisdom.
It is accepted by most scholars that Jefferson had a lengthy affair with his slave Sally Hemings and fathered at least one of her children, a conclusion based on a 1998 DNA study published in "Nature" and on the work of historian Annette Gordon-Reed." Framing a Legend" argues compellingly that the DNA evidence is inconclusive and that there are remarkable flaws in the leading historical scholarship purporting to show such a liaison.
Author M. Andrew Holowchak critically examines well-known books by Fawn Brodie, Annette Gordon-Reed, and Andrew Burstein, labeling their views as "three prominent spins." He then delves into what we know about Thomas Jefferson's character, showing that the historical facts do not suggest any romantic interest on Jefferson's part in his female slaves. Turning to the genetic evidence, Holowchak points out that, though DNA analysis indicates the presence of a Y-chromosome from some Jefferson male in the Hemings family line, it is unwarranted to conclude that this must have come from Thomas Jefferson.
Finally, he discusses Jefferson's racial attitudes and says that they argue against any liaison with Sally Hemings.

About the Author

M. Andrew Holowchak (Lindenwold, NJ) is assistant professor of philosophy at Rider University. He is the author of "Dutiful Correspondent: Philosophical Essays on Thomas Jefferson," seventeen other books on philosophy, critical thinking, and psychoanalysis, and numerous articles in scholarly journals.

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"Framing a Legend will be regarded as a monumental work in American history. It is brilliant, illuminating, and refreshing. Dr. Holowchak meticulously illustrates serious flaws in the ‘immorality of agenda-driven scholarship’ of popular scholars. This well-written volume is a must-read for all lovers of history."
—Cynthia Burton, author of Jefferson Vindicated

"A superb work that demonstrates its argument beyond question and, along the way, should mortify defenders of the Jefferson-Hemings thesis for their slipshod and even dishonest work."
—Forrest McDonald, distinguished professor of history emeritus, University of Alabama

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