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Eudora, a small town in middle America, has its share of troubles -- and local stationer Lottie Dougal seems to insert herself smack-dab in the center of most of them. Lottie did a stint in the city and has streaked her auburn curls so they glow as bright as a neon sign. Considered the local "healer," she's one of life's risk takers. So when the local doctor (the object of Lottie's affections) fails to produce an engagement ring, it's rumored that Lottie consults a book of Herbal Cures and Curses. But love potions can backfire. Lottie's broken heart keeps Eudorans clucking and plotting -- especially when the doctor returns to Eudora with a bride. But there are bigger problems brewing -- the quarry is about to close, and the mayoral election unearths long-buried racial tensions. And in her inimitable style, Lottie decides to do something about this too.
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ISBN: 9781602853966
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: Center Point
Publication Date: February 1st, 2009