The Danger Habit: How to Grow Your Love of Risk Into Life-Changing Faith (Paperback)

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You ve been called adrenaline junkie, thrill seeker, permanently out of the box, difficult, and just plain crazy.
And mostly, it's true. Whether you show your radical streak in extreme sports, supercharged business ventures, or high risk relationships, you have a full-blown "danger habit." As far as you can tell, you were born with it. And honestly, you wouldn t have it any other way
Except when your danger habit betrays you. Then your craving for adventure turns into a magnet for disaster. You leave a trail of broken commitments and unwise decisions. You get trapped in stupid addictions. You hurt the ones you love. And you end up feeling like a big mistake.
But what if you were created extreme for a purpose?
What if the radical faith God has in mind for you doesn t have to come with a dark side? What if it actually turned out to be your ultimate rush?
In his fast-paced book, "The Danger Habit," surfer and lifelong adventurer Mike Barrett explores the mindset of born radicals and the promise of what he calls adventure faith. He combines personal story telling, raw honesty, and biblical wisdom in a reading experience that will capture your imagination and motivate you to reach for your huge life mission in Christ.
Story Behind the Book
I caused significant pain to my own wife and kids while struggling with an addiction to risk, the pursuit of extreme sports, and an overwhelming feeling of being bored with many Christians and standard church life. My epiphany came a number of years ago when God broke through it all and showed me how propped up my life was without His real presence and power. In the end, we sold our suburban home, moved to the Oregon Coast, and started a ministry to surfers. Countless lives were changed; my wife and I even became pastors. Once dead to the life I had pursued, God gave me back an adventure I could never have previously dared hope for. Mike Barrett.

About the Author

Mike Barrett has been a senior executive for both global technology companies and smaller, venture-backed startups. In 2002 he founded the Oregon chapter of Christian Surfers United States and currently serves on the national board of directors for CSUS. Mike also serves as a teaching pastor at Coast Vineyard Church in Lincoln City, Oregon, where he lives with his wife, Donna, and their four children.

Praise For…

"I never knew what was driving me, but now I get it...I have the Danger Habit! This book has helped me learn how my need for speed can be used for good, rather than as a destructive force in my life."
- Chandler Browne, President, Christian Surfers United States

"When I was in my late twenties I volunteered to smuggle Bibles across the Chinese border. It was one of the most terrifying and thrilling adventures of my life. Up until that time I had done many things to experience the adrenaline rush that I craved. And like Mike, I never fully met that need until I gave that area of my life over to the purposes of Christ - then I discovered a life of true adventure that brought satisfaction and lasting purposes. I would dare anyone who feels driven to experience life to the fullest to read this book."
- Tri Robinson, Senior Pastor of the Vineyard in Boise, ID and author of two books, Saving God's Green Earth and Revolutionary Leadership

"Through the honesty and transparency of his life and writing, Mike reinforces that crucial need for people who are relentlessly driven for new challenges and experiences to constantly seek and be vulnerable to God's movement in our lives."
- Christian Buckley, President, Covered Images

"The Danger Habit reads like an ops plan for God's very own 'special forces'...His warriors with extreme natures. Barrett puts them solidly in the fight...the Right fight. Anyone battling to understand how to combine thrill and theology, risk and reverence, will find this book and inspiring guide."
- Lt. Steve Elliott, Wisconsin's 2001 Police Officer of the Year

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Publication Date: January 16th, 2007
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