He Was There from the Day We Moved in (Hardcover)

He Was There from the Day We Moved in Cover Image
By Rhoda Levine, Edward Gorey (Illustrator)
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The naming of dogs can be a tricky business, as Ogdon and his big brother discover in this charming collaboration between Rhoda Levine and Edward Gorey. You see, before Ogdon and his family moved to a new house, no one mentioned the big shaggy sheep dog in the back yard, but there he was, just sitting and waiting, imperturbable as can be. Waiting for what? Ogdon wonders. Dinner? A lollipop? A stray cat? Someone to talk to? No, what the dog wants is a name. And not just any name, but the right name. And with a little patience, and a lot of persistence, Ogdon and his brother will figure it out.

About the Author

Edward Gorey (1925 2000) is famous for the bounty of books he wrote

and illustrated, filling more than one hundred works with his unique

humor and distinctly crosshatched characters.

Praise For…

Praise for He Was There the Day We Moved In:
“Gentle color washes over Edward Gorey’s illustrations of spindly boys and shaggy dog and skies. They set just the right note for this story that achieves a sensitive equilibrium of pathos and humor, a total effect that is sentimental without apology and optimistic without reason.” – The New York Times
Praise for Edward Gorey:
“Edward Gorey’s work is remarkable and mysterious. I find it fascinating.” – Max Ernst
“I like to return to Edward Gorey’s works…he really is becoming a master.” – Edmund Wilson
“One of the most original artistic and literary minds in late 20th century America.” –The Los Angeles Times
“[Edward Gorey] is sublime, absurd and mystical.” – Oskar Kokoschka
“[Edward] Gorey’s unique talent should be represented as possible in every collection of American art and literature.” – American Library Association (Booklist)

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ISBN: 9781590175156
ISBN-10: 1590175158
Publisher: New York Review of Books
Publication Date: October 2nd, 2012
Pages: 24
Language: English