Stalin's Barber (Hardcover)

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Avraham Bahar leaves debt-ridden and depressed Albania to seek a better life in, ironically, Stalinist Russia. A professional barber, he curries favor with the Communist regime, ultimately being invited to become Stalin's personal barber at the Kremlin, where he is entitled to live in a government house with other Soviet dignitaries. In the intrigue that follows, Avraham, now known as Razan, is not only barber to Stalin but also to the many Stalin look-alikes that the paranoid dictator circulates to thwart possible assassination attempts including one from Razan himself.

About the Author

Paul M. Levitt teaches in the department of English at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He is also the author of "Chin Music: A Novel of the Jazz Age" and numerous books for younger readers and scholars.
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ISBN: 9781589797710
ISBN-10: 158979771X
Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing
Publication Date: December 16th, 2012
Pages: 377
Language: English