Tripower: The Ultimate Strength Training, Core Conditioning, Endurance, and Flexibility Program for Triathlon Success (Paperback)

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"Tri Power: The Ultimate Program for Triathlon Success," by Paul Frediani and William Smith provides the essential tips and exercises in weight training, core conditioning, and improved flexibility for both novice and expert. "Tri Power" is your go-to guide for getting in shape for the best race of your life, even if it's your first. If you ve ever thought about competing in a triathlon, this is your first step to crossing the finish line.
Certified triathlon trainer Paul Frediani and triathlete William Smith join forces to show you how to consistently build and condition muscle on a long term basis; and prepare you to get the most out of your triathlon experience. Through four phases you ll learn how to properly train your body to maintain its optimal condition:
.Foundation and Adaptation: Begin your strength training journey by concentrating on the basics (hips, spine, nerves, and limbs).
.Strength: Discover different planes of movement, grow stability in your spine and hips, and increase the amount of weight you can lift.
.Power: Concentrate on using the Stretch-Shortening Cycle, improving deceleration, and increasing recovery time.
.Maintenance: Prepare for the season by decreasing strength exercises and increasing recovery, volume and consistency in training
Taking you step-by-step through performance enhancement and injury prevention for triathlons, "Tri Power" provides the triathlete with knowledge, guidance and structure for maximum results. With a year-round program to keep you focused, "Tri Power" provides a realistic training schedule that anyone can keep. Whether this is your first race ever or your twentieth or if you re just looking to jump-start your exercise regimen this professional guide will organize your fitness and exercise habits for fast, serious results. Swim, bike, and run to win with "Tri Power." With Paul Frediani and William Smith as your personal power-motivating coaches, staying on track will be no sweat.

About the Author

Paul Frediani, ACE, ACSM, is a USA Triathlon Level 1 Certified Coach and author of many fitness books, including "PowerSculpt" "for Women," "PowerSculpt for Men, PowerBand, Golf Flex, Surf Flex" and others. Paul has finished more than 20 triathlons, placing 2nd, 3rd, and 5th in Masters Clydesdale division. He has been featured on national television and magazines, including "Fitness, InStyle, "and "Self, "and currently resides in New York City.

William Smith, MS, NSCA, CSCS, MEPD, began coaching triathletes in 1993 and works with athletes and post-rehab clientele. He was a Division I Collegiate Strength Coach and has been competing in triathlons and marathons since 1998, recently finishing the Steelhead Half Ironman in Michigan in 5 hours and 22 minutes. Will founded Will Power and Fitness Associates and currently consults for fitness, healthcare, and wellness centers in New York and New Jersey.

Praise For…

“As a collegiate hockey player and rower, I didn’t think of core training when I moved into [performing] triathlons. Only when I suffered through several injuries that laid me up for almost two years, did I realize that core strength would not only make me faster, but also improve my body’s ability to prevent and heal injury. I got started late on the Tri Power program last year, but it still enabled me to make Honorable Mention All American in 2006 and, given training splits on the bike, track, and pool, I’m confident I’ll be making All American this year–and race more with far fewer injuries.”
– Charles Macintosh
Honorable Mention All American USA Triathlete (2006)
Member of Team Enhance Triathlon Team NYC
Member of Elysium Fitness Cycling Team

“As I get older, the line between training and injury becomes more difficult to straddle. I have discovered that strength training is the key to keep me strong and injury-free during the long triathlon season. Not only are there physical benefits, the psychological lift it gives me when I need to push through fatigue and out of my comfort zone is immeasurable.”
– Renee Meier
NYC Triathlon, 1st place Age Group (2005)
NYC Triathlon, 2nd place Age Group (2006)
Montauk Mightyman 1/2 Ironman, 1st place (2004, 2006)
Mighty Hamptons, 1st place (2004, 2006)
Vytra Tobay Triathlon, 1st place (2004)
Mighty North Fork, 1st place (2003)
Vytra Tobay, 1st place (2003)

“After a week packed with running and cycling, most of my Monday mornings are intimately spent unknotting my legs on the foam roller. Like a best friend with a sadistic edge, it hurts as good as a hard sprint session. But it’s the best selfcare for my ITB, glutes, and hamstrings (that get as tight as a taught derailleur cable). Tri Power details a terrific and easy-to-follow myofacial release program that leaves me feeling loose and flexible and ready for the next go ‘round.”
–Stefani Jackenthal, elite endurance athlete and adventure journalist
Big Sur Trail Marathon, 1st place (2006)
South African Augrabies Extreme Marathon, 1st place (2006)
Costa Rica’s The Costal Challenge, 2nd place (2006)
All American USA Triathlete (2001)
New York City Triathlon, 1st place (2001, 2002)

“I have followed a strength training program in the off-season for the past three years. Triathlons, particularly cycling in my case, tend to create muscle imbalances that I believe lead to an increased risk of injury. I want to compete in this sport for a long time, and a structured strength training program allows me to achieve a sense of muscular balance and improve my performance by addressing weaknesses first. Tri Power not only provides me with the opportunity to assess and evaluate my strength program, but it also provides a structured program that compliments traditional strength programming with non-traditional training protocols such as balance training, movement prep, and corrective flexibility training.”
– Robert Auston, amateur triathlete and cyclist

“Tri Power protocols address the necessary components of injury prevention. Lack of neuromuscular coordination in traditional core training, namely effective core training, should be done in a challenging environment that incorporates balance and stability. Inefficient motor patterns can develop in static movement patterns, such as crunches. Periodization through phased training as used in Tri Power is important for [your] body, particularly the nervous and muscular systems…. Traditionally endurance-related sports such as running, cycling, and triathlons have not [before] incorporated consistent power training in program design, for either misplaced safety or lack of knowledge… [It] increases your running form through greater nervous system recruitment.”
Dr. Scott G. Duke DC, DACBSP,
A graduate of the New York Chiropractic College
American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians Diplomat
Expert in the field of athletic and spine rehabilitation specializing in soft tissue management

“Having worked with hundreds of Olympic, national, and world class athletes, it is amazing to appreciate how finely attuned they are to small changes in their body. If we multiply the number of repetitions, as in the sport of Triathlon, times the abnormal forces acting on the body it is easy to understand how this could set up a soft tissue disaster. Tri Power addresses muscular imbalances, along with addressing the soft tissue changes, through a dynamic strength program designed for the everyday athlete. Athletes who perform repetitive activities, such as triathletes, subject their musculoskeletal and myofascial systems to higher risk for injury. This repetition of movement creates continual biomechanical stress which for many athletes leads to breakdown of these soft tissue structures producing scar tissue.”
Dr. Marc Jaffe
United States team chiropractor for the 2003 World University Games in South Korea
United States Olympic Team Chiropractor for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece
Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians
2006 New Jersey Sports Chiropractor of the Year

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