Desert Reckoning: A Town Sheriff, a Mojave Hermit, and the Biggest Manhunt in Modern California History (Hardcover)

Desert Reckoning: A Town Sheriff, a Mojave Hermit, and the Biggest Manhunt in Modern California History Cover Image
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Part Jon Krakauer and part Cormac McCarthy, a critically acclaimed writer uses the story of the biggest manhunt in Californian history to tell a universal tale of an outlaw at war with contemporary America.

About the Author

Deanne Stillman is a widely published, critically acclaimed writer. Her books include "Mustang: The Saga of the Wild Horse in the American West," a "Los Angeles Times ""Best Book 2008," and winner of the California Book Award silver medal for nonfiction, and "Twentynine Palms: A True Story of Murder, Marines, and the Mojave," a "Los Angeles Times ""Best Book 2001" which Hunter Thompson called "A strange and brilliant story by an important American writer." Now a cult classic, it's out in a new, updated edition with a foreword by T. Jefferson Parker and preface by Charles Bowden. "Desert Reckoning "is based on her "Rolling Stone" article, "Mojave Manhunt," a finalist for a PEN journalism award. She writes the "Letter from the West" column for and is a member of the core faculty at the UC-Riverside-Palm Desert Low Residency MFA Creative Writing Program.

Praise For…

Gayle Brandeis, Los Angeles Review of Books
"One of the greatest gifts of this book is how Deanne Stillman is able to open our hearts to people we might otherwise judge or dismiss...One can’t help but be filled with gratitude and awe toward Deanne Stillman — her clear eye, the depth of her research, her brave and compassionate imagination. She takes us on a journey as full of desolation and grandeur as the desert itself." Rolling Stone"A must-read for the summer."

Larry Cox, King Features Syndicate“Few writers capture the rhythm and brutality of the American Southwest quite like Deanne Stillman….[a] fascinating new book….Stillman writes with such clarity, insight, and exquisite detail, one feels the chap of the heat and inhospitality of the desert on each page.  Simply put, this is crime reporting at its very best and by an author [who] is at the top of her game.  Meticulously researched, beautifully written, Desert Reckoning is a true achievement and a modern masterpiece.” Jon Shumaker, Tucson Weekly“[The Mojave Desert] now has its own poet laureate in Deanne Stillman….[Desert Reckoning] is the most powerful and important writing about the place and its denizens since Mary Austin’s classic The Land of Little Rain….The dark tale she returns with is one of aching heartbreak and haunting beauty. It is about the terror and beauty of the GreatAmerican Desert, and of the shadowy landscape of the human soul….This fiery-hot mosaic of the book sizzles from its opening pages. Its finely drawn characters and taut narrative emerge from the ancient deserts of our dreams and make real our fears.  Deanne Stillman is a literary shaman who has conjured a violent and potent vision of our disturbing life and times—a vision without judgment, but filled with empathy and wonder. This is not natural history, nor is it true crime. It is something entirely new that Stillman has created from deep within the sun-blasted heart of the American dream.” Tom Lutz, LA Review of Books on KCRW
“Stillman is a great writer, and one of the few who fully capture the sparse culture [of] our California deserts….She has enormous sympathy for everyone involved, and yet never lapses into sentimentality or melodrama.  The text rocks along like a good novel.” David Steinberg, Albuquerque Journal
Desert Reckoning is a compelling literary work.” Joseph Barbato, Red Weather Review
Desert Reckoning is an evocative, richly textured narrative that places the reader squarely amid the ranchers, outlaw bikers, and dropouts who eke out an existence in the unforgiving heat and isolation of the Mojave Desert….Desert Reckoning is written in lovely lyrical prose. It renders beautifully the lives of the lost and marginalized souls who take refuge in the desert.” Colleen O'Connor, Denver Post
“[C]ritically acclaimed writer Deanne Stillman weaves an eloquent elegy of strange and twisted characters….A talented writer of literary nonfiction, Stillman writes beautifully about the Mojave, and once again makes it a character in the story.” Jeffrey St. Clair, Counterpunch“This a real life desert noir written in prose as taut as Raymond Chandler….Stillman’s book reads like a thriller.” Rob Hardy, Commercial Dispatch“Stillman has a novelist’s flair for colorful explanation.” Kevin Roderick, LA Observed“A page turner.” Anneli Rufus, Stuck blog of Psychology Today
“It’s all too rare these days that a book keeps me awake at night, racing through its pages yet not wanting it to end—but that’s what happened with Desert Reckoning.” Nancy Rommelmann, The Oregonian
" the voice writing about the Mojave Desert, a place where serenity and violence wrestle for domination unto eternity." Shelf Awareness“With a reporter’s eye for detail, a novelist’s sense of pace and no fear of inserting her own voice into the action, Deanne Stillman takes us through the history of Kueck’s deranged anger and the massive effort to take him down….When the smoke clears, we are left only with Stillman’s vivid images of cold violence in the hot wilderness of an American desert.” Susan Salter Reynolds, Los Angeles Magazine“Mysterious and terrifying.” Kirkus Reviews
“[V]ibrant….[Stillman] does an admirable job building a full portrait of this beleaguered landscape….The result is lyrical and intense….A dynamic synthesis of Western saga, true-crime thriller and California-based transformation narrative.” Publishers Weekly“Stillman explores, with exquisite detail, the broken families and failed strivings of her two protagonists….Stillman skillfully excavates the vividly drawn landscape to reveal the desert’s mystical spirit and history of human striving….Through the lens of a griping true crime story, this beautifully written, humane book preserves the history of a remarkable and very American place and its people.”                                                                                             Alex Espinoza, author of Still Water Saints“Deanne Stillman’s Desert Reckoning is a modern-day corrido, a protest ballad of lost lives and broken dreams set in the vast Mojave, one of California’s most delicate and volatile regions, a too-often-forgotten landscape beyond the surf, the stars, and the palm trees. The rhythms, beats, and chords of Stillman’s writing—brutal, haunting, and heartbreaking—bear witness to the lives of lonely hermits and desperate tweakers, outlaw bikers and tenacious cops, in prose that shimmers and aches so beautifully that it splits your soul and shakes loose your skin, leaving you speechless and yearning for more and more. With this book, Deanne Stillman proves once again why she is one of the most powerful chroniclers of the modern American West.” D. J. Waldie, author of Notes from Los Angeles: Where We Are Now“Deanne Stillman does for the ‘lonely heart’ of the desert behind Los Angeles what Raymond Chandler did for the shabby glamour of the city’s garden suburbs. You can hear dreams being broken in every sentence of Desert Reckoning. In Stillman’s propulsive, often hallucinatory account, a brutal crime and its strange aftermath expose the terrors and beauties that still inhabit the empty places that lie at the end the city’s freeways.” James Brown, author of The Los Angeles Diaries, and This RiverDesert Reckoning is a major achievement. Fusing truth with the insight of a talented novelist’s imagination, Deanne Stillman has created a masterpiece of empathy and understanding for those so often least afforded it. Nothing here is simply rendered. Stillman’s vision of society’s outcasts, the lost souls who take their final stand in the badlands of California’s deserts, demonstrates a remarkable sense of humanity and compassion. I haven’t read something this good, and so beautifully written, in a long, long time.” Gustavo Arellano, author of Orange County and the syndicated column, ¡Ask a Mexican!“Deanne Stillman is the Raymond Chandler of the New West, a hell of a writer who leaves no cacti unturned, no long-dried gulch unexamined, and no abandoned settlement left be in her latest gritty, implausible-yet-too-real story. The tale told in Desert Reckoning will quickly join the same vein of Western anti-hero epics such as Willie Boy and Tiburcio Vasquez.” Norm Stamper, Seattle Chief of Police (retired) and author of Breaking Rank“Deanne Stillman’s meticulously researched book takes us behind the scenes of real police work and into the hearts and minds of two men. In her spellbinding account of the murder and the massive manhunt, she leaves no doubt as to the consequences of how we raise our children, particularly our sons.” Jo-Ann Mapson, author of Finding Casey and Solomon’s Oak“Deanne Stillman’s work is gritty and unflinching, yet filled with humanity.”

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