Wisdom from the Monastery: A Program of Spiritual Healing (Paperback)

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By Peter Seewald (Editor), Lucia Glahn (Contribution by), Simone Kosog (Contribution by)
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For almost two millennia, Christian men and women have banded together to live in devotion to God and humanity. Recent studies have shown that, on average, men and women in Holy Orders are healthier and live longer than the rest of us. What timeless solutions to the things that ail us might we have dismissed in our rush into the modern age?
Written by three very modern seekers who visited monastic communities to explore facets of the contemplative life, "Wisdom from the Monastery" reveals what these lay practitioners found so rewarding and deeply relevant to their lives today. Originally published in Germany as three separate volumes, the U.S. edition combines these major aspects of monastic practice: fasting, healing, and meditation. The book's warm, engaging tone presents millennia-tested practices of contemplative Christianity free from Church dogma. One need not be Catholic, nor even Christian, to benefit from fasting, herbal and other natural remedies, and profound approaches to prayer, meditation, and silence. Readers learn what characterizes the best monastic communities and discover a sense of the retreat experience as spiritual adventure. Featuring over 100 photographs, daily exercises, personal anecdotes, and fascinating snippets on monastic experience through the ages, "Wisdom from the Monastery" introduces readers to a cast of remarkable monks and nuns who have chosen lives of renunciation and simplicity. Within these pages, monastic wisdom demonstrates its relevance across millennia and beyond monastery walls.

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Peter Seewald s books with Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI), Salt of the Earth and God and the World, have been translated into 25 languages. Journalists Lucia Glahn and Simone Kosog live in Munich, and Bernhard Muller, a publisher, lives in Kesslegg, Germany."

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 “Featuring numerous daily exercises, advice and anecdotes, this compilation of words from monks and nuns who have chosen lives of renunciation and simplicity brings a calm perspective to such diverse endeavors as fasting for purification of the soul, moderation and orderliness. Even a brief read is enough to inspire a break for reflection.”
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