Family Constellations: A Practical Guide to Uncovering the Origins of Family Conflict (Paperback)

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By Joy Manne, Bert Hellinger (Foreword by)
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Mapping out a family constellation, explains Dr. Joy Manne, encompasses exploring previous powerful life events from accidents to adoptions and accessing the deepest dynamics in that family system. This process helps us recognize and then resolve deeply seated family patterns. For example, in order to understand a person's inability to trust, the family history of betrayal must be uncovered and released. These insights replace resentment with respect, pain with understanding.Dr. Manne uses the knowledge gained from her own practice as well as her educational experiences with Bert Hellinger, the founder of Family Constellations therapy, to clearly describe this technique. Most family constellation sessions are carried out in a group setting, with the facilitator first seeking clarity regarding the issue or problem the client has come to work out. Representatives are then chosen from among the group and the constellation is set up and worked in until it comes to resolution. This may be followed by a closing ritual and advice about how to integrate what the constellation has revealed. Through the use of real-life examples of family constellations, Dr. Manne makes this increasingly popular practice understandable and relatable.

About the Author

Joy Manne has a degree in Psychology and a PhD in Buddhist Psychology. She has practiced Vipassana meditation since 1965, and was taught by Dhiravamsa. She was trained in Spiritual Therapy by Hans Mensink and Tilke Platteel-Deur in Holland from 1986-1988. She had her own school of personal and spiritual development in Switzerland between 1989-1995. Joy is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the peer-review internet journal < i> The Healing Breath: A Journal of Breathwork Practice, Psychology and Spirituality < /i> originally available through her own website and now through

Bert Hellinger is among Europe's most innovative and provocative healers and psychotherapists and is also a best-selling author. A former priest and a missionary to the Zulu in South Africa for 16 years, as well as an educator, psychoanalyst, body therapist, group dynamic therapist, and family therapist, he brings a lifetime of experience and wisdom to his work. Family Constellations, which have become the hallmark of Hellinger's approach, along with his observations about systemic entanglement and resolution, have touched the lives of thousands of people and have changed howmany helping professionals carry out their own work. In the gathering of powerful approaches from psychotherapy as well as other paradigms, he has created a uniquely compelling healing approach. He has learned specific tools from a variety of sources, but the overarching strength of his work comes from his refined skill of listening to the authority of one's own soul. This is not a guaranteed 'technique'; it is rather, according to Hellinger, the only real protection we have against the seduction of false authority. Seeing 'what is' as opposed to blindly accepting what is being said - no matter by whom - is the linchpin of this often difficult healingwork for individuals, groups, communities and cultures. Before taking to psychotherapy, Hellinger studied philosophy and theology in Germany. Subsequently, he obtained the University Education Diploma in South Africa where, for several years, he worked as a teacher and principal of a teachers' training college. Bert Hellinger has written 83 books, translations of which are available in 30 languages. His work is documented in CDs, DVDs, Audiobooks and eBooks.

Praise For…

"This is a special book.... And it is such easy and beautiful reading. Beyond this, it is soul warming with many surprising hints on how to make our lives and our relationships richer and more fulfilling."
—From the foreword by Bert Hellinger, principal developer of Family Constellations therapy and author of more than thirty books

"You have only to read the table of contents in Family Constellations to know that this is a book that addresses everything you want to know about Bert Hellinger’s system and how it is being used. Joy Manné presents a clear and simple description of this effective method of reconciling with others, with the past, and with ourselves."
—Kylea Taylor, author of The Ethics of Caring: Honoring the Web of Life in Our Professional Healing Relationships

"Family Constellations is the book that I and many others have been waiting for. This introduction to Family Constellations is written in clear language that breathes on the page. Like a good chef making sauce, Dr. Manné has reduced the manifold ingredients of this branch of therapy to the essence of both the practice and its spiritual nature. Aptly illustrated with case histories, the central message uplifts and inspires: when we open our hearts and agree to what is so, rather than what we believe to be so, we meet Love–the one and only healer."
—Philippa Lubbock, Life Alignment therapist, Constellator (Family Constellations), Healing Through the Family Soul

"Joy Manné has done a wonderful job distilling Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellations method. If you are interested in this work, you don’t need to buy a shelf-full of expensive books that you will never have time to read. Dr. Manné has done the work for you and written it all down with a clarity and directness that is all too rare in books about therapeutic approaches."
—Ken Sloan, co-developer of Nature Constellations Work

"Joy Manné has written a succinct, didactic book about Family Constellations that focuses on the essence of the approach. She has a gift for unveiling the method, its usefulness, and the different parts so that readers understand the overall picture before delving into the details. This book is a jewel among books on Family Constellations. Dr. Manné’s wisdom, respect, and love come shining through making this mini-textbook a testimony to the devotion and discipline of Family Constellation facilitators."
—Kate Lindley Scheidegger, The Talent Spirit, Geneva, Switzerland

“This slender guide gives a succinct outline of family constellations work… a useful guide for those new to the method.”
New Consciousness Review

“[Family Constellations] certainly is very detailed and easy to understand, even to those whose background is not in psychotherapy… [The book] provides a unique view on the causes and solutions to many of life’s problems.”
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