The Endless Web: Fascial Anatomy and Physical Reality (Paperback)

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The result of more than two decades of research and practice, "The Endless Web" presents in clear, readable language a comprehensive guide to understanding and working effectively with the myofascial system, the 'packing material' of the body. Myofascia is a flexible network of tissue that surrounds, cushions, and supports muscles, bones, and organs. It also acts as a riverbed containing the flow of interstitial fluid, and is a critical influence on the immune and hormonal systems. In daily life, this connective tissue is an underlying determinant of movement quality, modd, alertness, and general well-being. "The Endless Web" is a fully illustrated guide to understanding how myofascia works, it supportive role within the body's anatomy, and how gentle manipulation of the myofascial tissue is central to lasting therapeutic intervention and how it can be integrated into any bodywork practice.

About the Author

Schultz is an Emeritus faculty member of the Rolf Institute

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ISBN: 9781556432286
ISBN-10: 1556432283
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Publication Date: November 11th, 1996
Pages: 144
Language: English