How Poetry Saved My Life: A Hustler's Memoir (Paperback)

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A memoir about sex work, sexuality, and how writing became the author’s lifeline, connecting her to other queer voices.

About the Author

Amber Dawn's upbringing in Mexico, Africa and Europe set the trend for a traveling life rich in experience and discoveries. Many of her adult years were spent in India, the Himalayas of Nepal and the South Pacific islands. The challenges of this nomadic lifestyle, her profound experiences, and her lifelong focus on spirituality and human potential, granted her a deeper understanding of our world, beyond conventional learning. In THE POWER OF THE HUMAN HEART, she invites the reader to journey with her through eye-opening experiences and inspiring breakthroughs that show the interconnected and lovingly supportive nature of our world. Joining the dots with clarity and overview she leads us to deep understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of our own lives, our world and ourselves. As she describes the changes we are going through in these powerful times, and addresses core topics such as self judgment, the shadow effect and existential fears, her message inspires a fresh outlook of love and trust that empowers us to embrace the future. An inspirational author, speaker and songwriter, Amber's easy, personal and engaging style makes the essential information clear, practical, and guiding. She reminds us of our own dreams, of the essential in life, and that there is more to this world than meets the eye. Through her tangible descriptions of the energy field that is the backstage of our 3D reality, readers can gain insight into their own multidimensional nature: our extended, beyond-the-body existence as energetic, eternal beings. "Amongst other material, I share my experience of the law of attraction, my understanding of the role of suffering, and the keys to dropping victim hood. I describe my openings to unconditional love, and instances of finding myself "in the now" the timeless zone between our thoughts and some portals that take us there. I speak too of the changing ages and how they affect our daily lives. I describe "the Quickening" foreseen by the Maya thousands of years ago. I give numerous examples of the interconnected nature of our world and of our multilayered existence. And I portray my own discoveries of my energetic being and the energy world: that which lies beyond, or rather within, our physical reality."
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ISBN: 9781551525006
ISBN-10: 1551525003
Publisher: Arsenal Pulp Press
Publication Date: April 2nd, 2013
Pages: 156
Language: English