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Odd, magical, mysterious and brilliant. The sentence structure alone moves this novel to the top of the class. Suggestive of Neil Gaiman's American Gods.

— Kristen Gilligan, Co-owner, Tattered Cover

Bicho Raro, Colorado contains two types of people: those seeking a miracle, and those performing them. The first miracle the Saint of Bicho Raro performs creates a mystical problem, and the second miracle resolves it- and whatever mortal problem they face. The only rule: saints cannot create the second miracle. When Beatriz Soria’s cousin and the Saint of Bicho Raro, Daniel, disappears into the desert after interfering with a miracle, she is desperate to get him back. However, she also has to grapple with an intriguing newcomer and her cousin Joaquin’s renegade radio station. Dealing in miracles, love, and music, All the Crooked Saints is lyrical, and its characters and setting create magic and miracles surrounding each of Bicho Raro’s residents. Maggie Stiefvater creates a world rich with magic and heart in All the Crooked Saints.

— Arden, TC Teen Advisory Board member

Soria Rule Number 1: Don't interact with the pilgrims. Bicho Raro Colorado is a miraculous place. People come from all over to be blessed with miracles. The only problem is that the miracles cause the darkness inside you to become tangible, so that the person burdened with it must find a way to beat it. The Sorias are the ones to preform these miracles. But if they help the pilgrims beat their darkness, they fall victim to their own, and Soria darkness is especially hard to beat. So when one Soria falls victim to his own darkness, the Sorias think that all hope is lost. But hope is not something that gives up so easily. I loved this book because of its new take on the magic of miracles and the power of family. This book is great for YA readers who are looking for something new to read. 

— Lexie J., Tattered Cover Teen Advisory Board

Set in our own backyard, All the Crooked Saints tells the tale of the Soria family and their miraculous gifts-- literally! For as long as anyone can remember, pilgrims have traveled to the Soria ranch in hopes of receiving a miracle from the Saint of Bicho Raro. But after young cousin and current Saint of Bicho Raro, Daniel, breaks the cardinal rule of miracle granting, Daniel and his cousins Beatriz and Joaquin must come to grips with the darker side of holy. Chalk full of Stiefvater's infamously colorful characters and wild storytelling, All the Crooked Saints is a YA must read. 

— Hattie P. Tattered Cover Teen Advisory Board

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ISBN: 9781509460007
ISBN-10: 1509460004
Publisher: Scholastic
Publication Date: October 10th, 2017
Language: English